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Carrington Build 1.2 released

FaveBusiness (Formerly Carrington Business) version 1.2

Why the rename? Carrington Core, Carrington Build, Carrington Business – It was confusing! We are reclaiming “Carrington” as the name for our underlying theme technologies (Core and Build), and are therefore renaming all of our themes accordingly.

Here’s a Sampling of new features and changes in version 1.2.

  • Taxonomy Landing Pages! Now you can use Build to create editorially controlled landing pages for any of your category or tag archive pages (including support for custom taxonomies).
  • Compatibility with the new admin-side changes in WordPress 3.3
  • WordPress 3.3 or later is required
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

FaveBusiness version 1.2 is immediately available as a downloadable update for existing FaveBusiness(Carrington Business) customers on the My Account page or in the Crowd Favorite store.

Carrington Build version 1.2

Today Crowd Favorite has released the latest version of Carrington Build.  This version 1.2, requires WordPress 3.3 or later a few bug fixes and improvements on existing features since the release of version 1.1.2.
Please see the change log included in the Carrington Build package for more details.

About the Author

Devin Reams was a manager at Crowd Favorite who helped lead the project management team and assist with product development.