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Carrington Core 3.7

I’m pleased to announce version 3.7 of the Carrington Core template engine. This version includes the following changes:

  • (feature) Add support for “sticky” posts (sticky.php, single-sticky.php, feed-sticky.php) in the post context
  • (change) Set default context to archive instead of home
  • (change) Requires WordPress 3.6 or later (for get_post() returning global $post)
  • (fix) Properly load type-* templates in General context
  • (fix) Output %Y as expected in admin settings for copyright field

Download the latest release.

Carrington Core is a template engine for WordPress themes that makes it easier to build maintainable WordPress websites. Carrington Core is Open Source (GPL) and active development is done in the open on GitHub. We use it for all of our WordPress themes and websites (including this one). Our team is working on creating new Carrington Core documentation to make it accessible to more developers. Stay tuned…

About the Author

Alex King is the CTO of Crowd Favorite. Before that he was an independent developer, an original contributing developer to the WordPress Open Source project and creator of the Share Icon. He blogs at