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Twitter Bootstrap Compatibility for Carrington Build

When we build tools we do our best to make them flexible because we know that we will often be the ones wanting to tweak them in our implementations. Carrington Build is very developer-friendly for extensibility and customization, but we also recognize that many WordPress themers would prefer a drop-in solution.

We have created plugins for Carrington Build that make the generated grid syntax compatible with Twitter Bootstrap (2 and 3). Using Carrington Build with one of our Bootstrap compatibility plugins is simple:

That’s it!

The Bootstrap compatibility plugins are Open Source (GPLv2) and are available on our Github page:

Carrington Build customers can also find the download links on their account page.

We hope these plugins will also serve as examples to work from should you want to create a plugin for compatibility with Foundation or another CSS grid system.

About the Author

Alex King is the CTO of Crowd Favorite. Before that he was an independent developer, an original contributing developer to the WordPress Open Source project and creator of the Share Icon. He blogs at