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RAMP v1.4.2

We’ve released version 1.4.2 of RAMP.

This is a minor update to address a specific bug where backslashes were errantly removed from content during the RAMP process. Thanks to Bruce for alerting us to the problem.

This is a recommended upgrade for all customers. You can download the new version immediately from your Account page.

On a side note, this is a pretty common issue for WordPress developers who are programatically calling wp_insert_post() and passing in data directly. For a long time this was a relatively unknown issue. You need to slash the data before passing it in. I tried really hard to get this behavior reverted, spending several weeks on patches to make the default to accept clean data. Unfortunately this approach was ultimately rejected.

About the Author

Alex King is the CTO of Crowd Favorite. Before that he was an independent developer, an original contributing developer to the WordPress Open Source project and creator of the Share Icon. He blogs at