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RAMP v1.5.3

We’ve released a new version of RAMP to address issues regarding SSL communication between staging and production environments.

  • (change) Use WP_HTTP_IXR_Client to ensure XMLRPC calls to SSL servers remain SSL (
  • (change) Add RAMP_DISABLE_SSL_VERIFY to allow (UNSAFE) turning off SSL certificate validation, for testing or self-signed certificate environments
  • (fix) Address various PHP warnings

This is a recommended upgrade for all customers, especially those accessing their WordPress admin over SSL.

RAMP is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to move WordPress content from staging to production. Learn more on the product page, read the FAQs and try it out for yourself.

About the Author

Alex King is the CTO of Crowd Favorite. Before that he was an independent developer, an original contributing developer to the WordPress Open Source project and creator of the Share Icon. He blogs at