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Carrington Build v1.3.3

We are pleased to announce the release of Carrington Build version 1.3.3. This version has a handful of changes and fixes and is a recommended upgrade to all customers that were previously using version 1.3.

Changes in this version:

  • (change) Use the WordPress TinyMCE toolbar within the Rich Text module
  • (new) New ‘cfct-build-row-html’ filter on row HTML generation
  • (fix) Rich Text Module: Changed to only add the editor parse settings action only when editors present

We’ve also upgraded the FaveBusiness theme to include Carrington Build version 1.3.3.

As always, the downloads are available to all current customers from their Account page.

Carrington Build is a drag and drop page layout tool that can be integrated into a WordPress theme to give non-technical users full editorial control of high-value pages on your website. Simply create CSS styles for the modules you want to use and each custom layout will elegantly match your site’s visual style. We use Carrington Build extensively on this site.

About the Author

Alex King is the CTO of Crowd Favorite. Before that he was an independent developer, an original contributing developer to the WordPress Open Source project and creator of the Share Icon. He blogs at