Ongoing support

At Crowd Favorite, we're proud of the work we do, and we stand by it long term. Should you need ongoing support to maintain or enhance your site, we can help. Unlike other agencies, who look to do maintenance and retainer work between project work, we’ve organized an entire team around your post-launch needs. Our ongoing client services (OCS) team is dedicated full-time, ensuring you consistent, timely deliverables and support.


Our monthly OCS agreements are tailored to suit your needs, securing the level of proactive support you need within a scope and budget you're comfortable with. OCS offers an array of solutions, including maintenance and updates, troubleshooting, Phase-II site enhancements, and even ongoing content creation.


Dedicated support

Our ongoing client services team is dedicated full-time for consistent, timely deliverables and support.


Post-launch enhancements

Following the launch of your site, our OCS team is available to address all your ongoing needs, including design and functionality updates, and performance optimization.


Issue tracking

All support requests are managed through an online issue tracking system, which provides a record of communication and allows you to review the status of any request.

Our ongoing support services

Technical support

Responding promptly to new technical issues, software updates, and security threats.

Web maintenance

Implementing content, design, and functionality changes, and optimizing site performance.

Code audits

Evaluating the stability and suitability of existing code to meet business needs.

Code refactoring

Updating existing software code to bring it up to desired technical standards.

Content creation

Developing blog posts, infographics, social media posts, videos, and more.

Hosting liaison

Working closely with hosting providers to ensure seamless collaboration on technical issues.

“These guys understand relationships and professionalism. Their user experience design and user interface design talent is first rate.”

– LaSean Smith, Motorola