Low Code Scalable Marketing Solution for Academic Partnership

Leveraging Open Source to Deliver Personalized Client Experiences on demand for Academic Partnerships.

With a focus on their clients, Academic Partnerships realized they needed a solution that would allow rapid launching of new partner websites, with highly personalized content, deployed by their marketing teams instead of their It department.

Academic Partnerships is constantly focused on discovering even better ways to perform at the highest levels. And they recognized a need for a digital solution that would enable their marketing team to deliver highly customized client websites with minimal technical expertise, a low code solution. The Academic Partnership team managed over 45 separate websites, consisting of static pages that relied on their IT team for modifications.


With a deep expertise in business, education and healthcare verticals, Academic Partnerships strives to give their university partners distinct advantages in attracting more students. However, their existing solution relied heavily on IT to create personalized solutions for their university partners. Each client website required manual updates and presented hurdles for marketing.

Academic Partnerships recognized a need for a solution that would allow them to quickly launch personalized partner sites that matched the existing User Experience (XP) requirements those clients had already built and branded.

Additionally, the solution needed deep integration for testing tools, marketing automation platforms, digital asset management, ad servers, chat, local (proprietary) data stores, and international support so they could provide their clients with verifiable results.

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Crowd Favorite recommended a three phase approach that included Discovery & Digital Strategy Consulting, Design and Site Architecture, and complete Development and Engineering. The result was an Open Source DXP (Digital Experience Platform) solution.

Crowd Favorite built a custom plugin solution to rapidly deploy new partner sites allowing control of every aspect of the web design workflow from a single place. Academic Partnerships is now able to launch a personalized partner website that matches existing branding, without the need of the IT department and resources.

There was a 92% reduction in creation of new client sites with the Low Code solution and a 22% YoY Growth in Partnerships!

Our team further sped up deployment of new personalized sites. We did this by developing a custom cloning tool, thus allowing any of the existing client websites to act as a template for a future site. Cloned sites could then be quickly modified. By using predefined layouts or entirely customized to meet the individual needs of each client, at a moment's notice.

This solution ensured that every aspect of personalizing new client websites would feel familiar and intuitive to non-technical team members by using low code interface features.

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Leveraging new technology enabled Academic Partnerships to provide verifiable results. Also led to enhancing the university partner brands and refining performance metrics based on data science insights all while maintaining true expertise.

Prior to working with Crowd Favorite, personalization of Academic Partnership websites required intensive technical understanding. And could take up to a year to launch. Crowd Favorite’s solutions reduced this process down to days and removed the burden from IT. As well as drastically reduced the time to launch to hours.

Crowd Favorite enabled Academic Partnerships promise to invest the right resources up front to leverage technologies to refine performance metrics based on data science insights and fully support each client toward successful and sustainable growth.

Academic Partnerships trusted in the team at Crowd Favorite to create a scalable, approachable solution for their marketing team. If your team is looking for a low code solution, or a digital expert: contact us here.