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Clearly defining a digital projects key players, timeline, deliverables and structure to successfully meet business objectives in development project scoping.

A well-researched and defined digital program scope provides the highest likelihood that all of your predetermined timelines, budgets and business objectives are met during a development project or series of projects. Our Digital Strategy experts provide development project scoping by approaching your digital program from a holistic perspective, helping you spend your budget wisely on the right technical projects over a responsible amount of time, while actively developing the digital solutions expectations to meet and exceed your business challenges. By creating a detailed program scope early in its life cycle, the Crowd Favorite team actively provides your digital program with its most precious resource: time. Time to build concepts, for ideas to mature, for testing, execution and knowledge transfer. Using our proven approach for scoping  development projects, we’re able to successfully predict potential dependencies and roadblocks to streamline project processes and eliminate time-consuming conversations and unnecessary costs.

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Because we have extensive experience in digital program scoping, we are a natural choice as your experts in digital project scoping. Whether you’re looking for digital project scoping or trying to plan and resource a series of projects with an overarching budget that may affect many parts or your organization, or you need a very concise digital project scope created.

Our Unique Approach to
Digital Project Scoping

Our team has decades of experience with all aspects of program and project scoping, and is intimately familiar with the human side of the process. We know that stakeholders may have unique concerns or limitations, and are adept at managing communications and setting realistic expectations between stakeholders and departments. As your project partner, we identify vital elements and organize wants versus needs to meet both your long- and short-term goals.

Where We Excel at Defining
Your Digital Project Parameters

Crowd Favorite provides access to a team of seasoned strategists, project managers, web developers and creative technologists who will apply their specialized skill sets to your project, while identifying and maximizing your team’s own strengths and availability. This allows us to accurately and quickly estimate the cost of your projects, establish precise information architecture requirements, stay on an established schedule, avoid “scope creep” and costly mistakes, and, most importantly, conclude the project with a satisfied client and the beginning of a longer-term partnership.


We are pros at quickly and thoroughly onboarding at the start of a project to gain a deep understanding of our client’s business and its objectives. During our technical discovery session, our team asks a series of targeted questions to gain insight into your existing infrastructure, opportunities for efficiencies, technology gaps, timelines and ROI objectives. This is the time we have honest conversations, set expectations and start the gathering process.

From there, we focus on defining the unique project requirements. Based on our findings during the technical discovery session, we custom-tailor solutions best suited to our client’s individual needs. We examine the project’s array of services and components, and, notably, identify which elements are not in-scope, to establish a solid scope and framework that sets our clients up for success.

Depending on the breadth and complexity of your project, there are several scopes to consider, which may include:

  • Functional scope: Identifying the key functionalities your product or service should deliver, including or excluding functionality "blocks.”
  • Technical scope: Specifying the key technologies that will be used to deliver your project and the product or service. This can include tools, apps and hardware.
  • Data scope: Defining the scope around data migration, data archiving and data set-up for technology projects.
  • Organizational scope: Assigning which roles in your organization are in-scope for a specific project (such as all Marketing employees, or only Marketing Managers).
  • Geographical scope: Outlining which territorial areas are included if your project covers a diverse geographical area (e.g. several regions or countries).
  • Responsibilities scope: Executing the project work and specifying who will be responsible for what task. For example, it can be in-scope for the project team to perform data migration, but not in-scope to do data cleansing.

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