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Bridging the gap between concept and execution with actionable approaches that set big ideas into motion.

In the age of digital disruptors, it’s often the idea that sparks big-picture change and innovation. We’ve worked with some truly amazing clients across all fields, yet no matter the industry or the mission at hand, one of our favorite services remains digital Ideation. This is an incredibly exciting stage for our clients, and we jump at the opportunity to think through new products or business process solutions will accelerate their business and leapfrog the competition. While it’s an exhilarating time, it’s also a vital moment for our team of strategists, technical designers, and development technologists to generate impactful ideas with direction and purpose. To do so, we filter your ideas that could wreak havoc or incur cost, and help you refine your best and most practical ideas to shape them into a requirements definition that is ready to bring to a production team.


Unfortunately, many ideas die following a brainstorming session, with many companies simply lacking the resources, bandwidth and strategic foresight to bring ideas from the drawing board into real life. Facilitating ideas is a complex undertaking that requires mastery of teams and dynamic, and the ability to break a big idea into manageable, actionable pieces.

Where We Excel at Creating
Concepts For the Digital Space

Crowd Favorite has the manpower (and the brainpower) to equip your digital project with sustainable solutions. We commit every drop of our expertise pool to take your idea, run it through our Ideation process, and turn it into the innovative digital project it was meant to become. Our skilled team of specialists commits to research, planning and structured brainstorming to solve strategic issues that will positively influence the development of your digital product in the long run. We use Ideation to validate your business proposition and put it on the right path from idea to a functional, enhanced and ultimately innovative product.

Our Unique Approach to Ideation

All ideas are not created equal. At Crowd Favorite, we focus on delivering innovation by gauging desirability, feasibility and viability. Your program should be both attractive and accessible to a consumer, while also being viable for your business to manage. That’s why we’re firm believers in generating effective business solutions that happen to use technology, rather than trying to force technology into fitting a business problem. As the first step of our “business-solutions-first” approach, we clearly define the issue and its underlying factors. We bring together our best minds, creative and pragmatic, in a collaborative effort to generate a pool of ideas and solutions covering all aspects of your future product. No idea is too small or too wild in a brainstorming session, and we take the time to validate all input until the best solution is found.

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We’re not afraid to ask tough questions, because truly great ideas need to pass both the test of today and that of tomorrow. We research present and, if possible, future competition. We test against the current trends and identify its unique value proposition. We make sure it’s consistent with your core brand message. We analyse risks and pain points and then we test against the ultimate question: What is the ROI? Is it a solution to a real problem? Does it create an advantage over the competition? Are there any risks attached to implementing the solution? Is there a short, medium or long term monetary gain and how does it stack against the costs of implementing it? We ask all the questions and look for the appropriate answers to ensure the successful application of your original Idea.

Through our comprehensive Ideation process, we help execute your ideas by defining who you are, exploring where you could be, assigning the right teams, vendors and partners for the task at hand, and setting forth the right path to help you realize your potential.

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