UI and UX Design Audits

Identifying problem areas for site visitors, creating actionable plans for improving the site, and helping visitors accomplish the goals our clients want, ultimately increases visitor conversion.

In today’s constantly adapting and evolving digital world, a product is only as good as the experience it provides its users. At Crowd Favorite, we collect real data from real users with real needs, helping you eliminate assumptions with concrete information. By performing regular UI and UX design audits, you’ll not only increase your product’s lifespan, but also maximize its ROI.


Through rigorous UI and UX design audits, our technical designers and strategists conduct comprehensive evaluations of your current users’ needs and challenges, and identify actionable recommendations that improve your users’ digital experience and help clear their paths to your business objective.

By employing highly efficient methods such as Content Audits, Heuristic Audits, Persona Mapping and User Flows, doubled by fully tailored technical recommendations, we aim to not only solve current challenges you and your users are facing, but ensure that you’re presented with a future-proof solution that will to take your business to the next level.

How We Boost Website Conversion
Rates Through Digital Design

Crowd Favorite employs a diverse range of highly specialized experts who bring an elevated level of proficiency to every stage of the UX and UI process. Because we have the advantage of added overlap between our employee skill sets and departments, you enjoy the added benefit of having more skill sets and experience touching your project.

Our team of UX and UI Designers have strong aesthetic and technical experience, accumulated over years of successfully building, launching and maintaining robust digital products.

Our Unique Approach to UI and UX Design Audits

We conduct comprehensive evaluations of your current users’ needs and challenges and identify actionable recommendations that improve your users’ digital experience and help clear their paths to your business objective, thus improving both conversion rates and users’ satisfaction.

By creating partial or full content inventories through Content Audits, we amplify the flexibility and adaptability to new Content Management Systems of your digital product. We thoroughly define realistic users through Persona Mapping and take an in-depth look at the User Flow of your product. We make sure that your users follow the fastest and most logical path to your business goals while having a wonderful experience interacting with your web application.

Improving performance

We look at your product as a whole through Heuristic Evaluations and then we dig deep, down to the atomic level of design, checking every visual component against the industry standards and best practices. To our designers, technology is second nature. For us, design is an overarching experience, covering form and function, pixel and code. Every element gets benchmarked for visual and code quality, usability, user interaction and responsiveness until the best possible instance of it both as standalone and as part of the whole is identified.

Your business goals and your users’ needs and habits are our filters every time we look at a color, test a font size, inspect HTML, CSS and JavaScript, or suggest potential visual improvements or technologic updates. We are here to guide you through an optimized, streamlined way of looking at User Experience, through the eyes of strategists and designers that understand coding requirements and standards.

Through years of product design and development and successfully helping Fortune 500 clients navigate through design processes, we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience from which you can benefit. From consistency and standards, through ease of use, navigation and aesthetics, to help and documentation, no stone will remain unturned for the benefit of your digital product. Let us benchmark your UX needs and take your digital project to the next level.

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