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Data Privacy by Design

Have complete ownership and control over your data, ensuring it's handled with utmost security and in accordance with privacy regulations, fostering customer trust while securing your digital assets.

Strategically Leveraging Open Source

In the modern business landscape, data remains a powerful tool that can drive your marketing strategies, inform business decisions, and deliver key insights into your customer and audience needs. For something this crucial to your business, harnessing the full potential of data can be a challenge especially in a world not only of interconnected applications and marketing services but increasing regulations like CCPA and GDPR. Who owns your application’s data? Who has access to your customers’ usage information? Is your data truly yours or is it your vendors? In an era where data is king, Crowd Favorite believes that data privacy by design is not just a strategic advantage; it's a necessity. Your choice of technology impacts data ownership and deciding between Open Source or closed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions can be crucial.

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The Choice is Both

While it might sound like the choice is “either” SaaS “or” Open Source, the reality is the modern digital landscape requires a mix. Today’s marketing technology solutions are integrated - made up of multiple “off the shelf” services integrated to create your solution, meaning the best possible business solution for budget, time, and features is most likely a mix of Open Source and SaaS, or a “Composed Solution”. With a mix of services being used, it’s important to have the right workflow in place to prevent overcomplicating things for the different teams involved in the digital solution. Just because there are multiple services coming together in one place shouldn’t mean someone has to log into multiple accounts and have several browser windows open just to get work done.

Is Personalization Private?

Take Personalization is a good example because in order to deliver a personalized experience, the tool has to match various conditions of a person’s digital experience and the tool has to save some of this information in the CMS and set cookies in a person’s browser. Crowd Favorite’s DXP Toolkit is a great example of such an application. If a customer does not consent to additional information being retained then the personalization tool should respect this wish without breaking the person’s expected experience. If a person makes a privacy request asking for their data to be removed from a site, your personalization tool should integrate well enough to adhere to these requests.

At Crowd Favorite, we believe in finding the right solution for your need, whether it is a simple single platform or a more complex composed solution. Working as a partner and not a vendor, our team can go beyond providing simple solutions, walking with you every step of the way. Our goal is that you can maximize the value of your data and the systems we develop.

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