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Code Audits

Analyzing source code to expose bugs, security breaches or violations of programming conventions, providing the opportunity for focused, prescribed optimization.

There are several instances that signal it is time for a code audit. It can be as direct as receiving a notice that your website violates certain legal standards, or as broad as the fact that you’re unsure of a previous developer’s work or your website simply hasn’t been touched in a few years. That’s where Crowd Favorite enters to perform a full code audit.

Where We Excel At Identifying
Website Code Weaknesses

We’ve worked a range of clients spanning all industries and sizes, from the finance market, to high-profile entertainment corporations, to educational institutions. But they all had one thing in common - the need for stable, secure, performant code. While WordPress itself has an excellent track record of mitigating security issues found in third-party code, we prefer to eliminate the prospect of bugs and security issues altogether.

Code Audits

The Crowd Favorite team actively monitors your website’s code for any potential issues, and quickly resolves them on your behalf. We even take the extra step of reporting security issues upstream to other plugin developers, so that they can quickly patch their own code and minimize the chance of a repeat failing in their product.

Our Unique Approach
to Code Audits

Our team performs a comprehensive “forensic analysis” of your existing code to fully understand every single each line of code - its section, its purpose, whether or not it achieves that purpose, and whether there are any existing flaws. We incrementally inspect each section of code - line by line if necessary - to determine whether it’s problematic, and, if so, the soundest way to eliminate that problem. We use a suite of tools to examine areas of functionality, identifying performance issues, pieces that are not following proper security practices, sanitization of input, and standards noncompliance. We then offer recommendations that can be prioritized and measured to best affect a solution for the problem.

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