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Managed Services

Assigning the right talent to the right task at the right time, providing clients with the ongoing digital support needed to minimize staffing costs and maximize project success.

Business goals and strategies change - sometimes with little warning - and it is vital to have an trusted partner at your immediate disposal that provides the expertise and flexibility necessary to solve your evolving digital challenges. Through our Managed Services division, Crowd Favorite helps you expect the unexpected by placing the specific experts you need for your project, right when you require them. Managed Services allows for the expert oversight of all of your existing digital properties on an ongoing basis, allowing for comprehensive solutions contributed by a full, rotating team of highly trained specialists.

Managed Services

Where We Excel

Crowd Favorite has worked with dozens of world-class organizations across the globe, providing the breadth of perspective and methodology required to deliver leading software services to our clients. We are defined by our unwavering commitment to quality and transparency, and we actively seek out ways to exceed your expectations. Our dedicated Managed Services team has proven success in meeting a wide variety of business needs, including the ability to scale up and down and approach solution delivery with our technical leadership wherever necessary. Provide knowledge of current systems and technology, development styles and delivery models.

Our Unique Approach
to Managed Services

When you partner with Crowd Favorite, you are not contracting with one skill set. You are granted full access to our entire team of highly trained experts, and can move specific specialists or departments on and off your account as your business plan evolves. This removes the pressure and restrictions of having to plan your company’s entire year - or even quarter - months in advance, and gives you the freedom to plan for the future in manageable, well thought-out increments. We understand that plans change in the real world, and believe you should not be burdened with training, maintaining or accounting for ongoing costs if your company happens to have a down moment in a specific area of expertise. Crowd Favorite is trained to quickly adapt to your maturing strategy, and is equipped with a range of experts that allows you to progress with ease.

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