The Workshop



Do you ever leave the office at night only to get stuck in baseball game traffic? If only you had known you would’ve left earlier. We’ve built the answer to the question: is there a game tonight?

Selected as an Apple Web App Staff Pick

CSS Grid

The nice, terse 12-column grid that we use on this site and in conjunction with Carrington Build. Do you write clean, semantic HTML? You may like it.


The Bobs

A WordPress-based journaling app to track HR requests for a company/team. Currently very rough, there are a few settings to enter in the config and you’re on your way. It is implemented as a WordPress theme – just activate it and go.



Oxygen is a powerful web application framework. It is a base that allows us to focus on building meaningful application functionality on top of a core web application that implements a rich and robust set of features (users, roles, audit history, etc.) and best practices.


There are a few examples of apps built on Oxygen here, and a few more in our case studies. Ask us how Oxygen can make your custom application development faster and cheaper.


A web application for creating and running QA test plans. You can set up plans and test devices for each project, choose the steps you want to run (all front-end, just this milestone, etc.), then execute the test plans. It even has a handy “re-test failed steps” option.

WP Scraper

Tool for migrating non-WordPress sites into WordPress (we do this a lot). There are two main components, a crawler and a scraper. The crawler will spider the site and produce a list of URLs (using whitelist and blacklist URL pattern matching). The scraper crawls those URLs using an advanced system to locate and capture as much data from each page as possible, show a report of the results, then package it in a way that can be imported in WordPress.


A system for tracking installed software packages on web sites. InstallsPro™ provides a way of tracking products, monitoring for updates, notifying clients of available upgrades, upgrade status tracking and generally keeping everything straight across the sites you manage.