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About Crowd Favorite

Connecting the digital experience to the human experience through digital transformations that not only solve unique business problems, but also impact our clients' lives for the better.

Solving Complex Digital Problems

Crowd Favorite is a digital transformation agency specializing in enterprise-grade digital strategy and proven Open Source development. We empower organizations to achieve their fullest potential.

Founded in 2007 by Alex King, one of the original contributors to the first WordPress release, Crowd Favorite was the first digital agency focused on scaling Open Source and the WordPress platform for enterprise clients.

Crowd Favorite focuses on a business-first mindset. Technology to us is a set of tools we use to deliver business and marketing results, not just the technology as an end in itself. First and foremost, we focus on learning about our client’s businesses along with their unique challenges. This allows for the optimal technology solution to be put into play. That means connecting our client’s financial and operational obstacles to world-class digital strategy, web development, and digital support services, all with an eye focused on the future and “what’s next.”

Meet the Favoriteers

Through years of experience helping clients solve complex digital problems, Crowd Favorite has set the bar for world-class web engineering, systems integration, and heavily customized content management, and continues today by focusing on the future of technology with Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) for the enterprise.


Open Source Digital Experience Platforms

Crowd Favorite has deep expertise in creating high-performing Composable Content Management Platforms using Open Source alternatives. They not only achieve higher Return On Investment (ROI) over proprietary SaaS platforms, such as Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore, and Acquia, but also create a more Agile solution, enabling the exploration of new marketing strategies.

Favoriteers Across the World

As a fully distributed, global company, we embrace the remote work culture since 2013.
Central to our core is an ongoing commitment to support a rewarding work environment with a vibrant culture,
one that empowers our team to create, collaborate and solve complex digital problems

Favoriteers around the World

Global, Yet Hyper-Local

At Crowd Favorite we believe that local cultural context is crucial in delivering successful projects. It is the reason we continue to maintain some of the decades-long client partnerships that we still have to this day.  

Crowd Favorite’s delivery model has evolved over the last 15 years based on the strong ethos created by the merger of Crowd Favorite and Velomedia in 2013.  We have tried to nurture and enhance the original curiosity and drive that was passed down to us from the original Crowd Favorite founded by Alex King, who we lovingly call "Crowd Favorite Classic." 

And from our Velomedia origins, a key part of our delivery culture can be traced back to the roots of our CEO Karim Marucchi, who has spent most of his career working with organizations that were based both in the United States and Europe. 

With both original companies being strongly focused on the Enterprise, our team make up originated and maintains to this day a strong belief in creating a successful internal culture based on long-term tenured employees. The clear advantages of having trusted long-term employees as a foundation has kept us from following the newer trends of offshoring or nearshoring with contractors. 

Local Cultural Understanding

Our Account and Project Management is based on an understanding of diverse business needs and cultural expectations of our clients. We pride ourselves on this ethos deeply rooted in local cultural understanding. We acknowledge the richness of diversity and make it the backbone of our account and project management strategies. Our team is committed to delivering solutions that not only meet diverse business needs but also respect and incorporate cultural expectations. We believe in the power of local insights to create globally relevant solutions.

Global Sourcing

While delivery context is local, deep expertise is not limited to one geographical location. By never outsourcing our core services, our employee centric strategy sets us apart, with a reach that goes beyond geographical boundaries. We tap into our proven network of deep expertise from around the world to ensure that your project benefits from the best of international standards and practices.

Account and project management that understands diverse business needs and cultural expectations
With mixed teams spanning multiple disciplines and time zones, we can support your project around the clock.

Following the Sun: Efficiency and Expertise

Our regionally-diverse teams give us the flexibility to combine international efficiencies with domestic expertise. While some projects require more timezone centralized teams, we have the unique ability, when necessary, to create mixed teams spanning multiple disciplines and time zones. This allows us to support complex projects that may require faster paced development cycles. Our approach to teamwork truly embodies the concept of “following the sun." Our mixed teams span multiple disciplines and time zones, working seamlessly together to ensure that, if mandated by your business needs, your project never sleeps. Whether it's a morning meeting in Amsterdam or a nighttime brainstorm in California, our team has the capabilities to support your project around the clock.

Looking for a Digital Partner?

Partnering with Crowd Favorite means gaining a trusted ally dedicated to your success. We value transparency, open communication and long-term relationships with clients. Your success is our ultimate goal. Let’s get started!

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