Designing and engineering smart digital solutions for today’s business leaders

Crowd Favorite’s mission is to connect the digital experience to the human experience. We are obsessively focused on the best ways of delivering digital solutions to our clients, impacting their lives, and the lives of their customers for the better.

Crowd Favorite was formed in 2014 by three best-of-breed digital firms


Client-centered account management

Founded in 2007, VeloMedia specialized in running mission-critical digital projects for enterprise and Fortune 500 companies. The company was known for its ability to provide stability, process, infrastructure, and account management appropriate for high-profile projects where failure wasn’t an option.


User Experience Design

Opened in 2003, Forty existed to create remarkable digital experiences that solved problems for users through human-centered design. In the years that followed, the firm became known for its ability to expertly craft brands and experiences that resonated with customers.

Crowd Favorite

The Original WordPress Agency

Also established in 2007, Crowd Favorite was the very first digital agency focused primarily on the WordPress platform. Through years of experience working on enterprise-grade digital problems, Crowd Favorite set the bar for world-class web engineering, systems integration, and heavily customized content management.

We’ve built a company that’s exceptional in the areas of design, technology, and project management.

That’s an unusual accomplishment, and we’re proud of having pulled it off.

Two decades in the making


Karim Marucchi founds MetNet, one of Los Angeles' web development studios with Porter Novelli and Nissan as their first clients.


MetNet asked by Toyo Industries to work on the marketing campaign reintroducing Godzilla to the United States.


MetNet awarded project for Pixar's "A Bug's Life" website and multi-year contract to create web games for Disney.


MetNet acquired by USWeb/CKS, and Karim Marucchi named West Coast Director of Enterprise Clients.


Frustrated with traditional agency/client relationships, Karim Marucchi founds the company that later becomes VeloMedia.


Alex King becomes one of the original contributors to the WordPress open source project.


James Archer leaves his digital agency job and founds Forty, a human-focused experience design firm.


Alex King founds the company that later becomes Crowd Favorite, focusing on strong technical proficiency.


Forty merges with 30 Second Rule, a psychology-driven design and marketing firm.


Karim Marucchi expands VeloMedia into an international digital services firm focused on enterprise clients.


VeloMedia expands to Europe and opens additional office locations in the United States.


Crowd Favorite continues to expand its Denver office, and begins a relationship with VeloMedia for future growth.


VeloMedia acquires Crowd Favorite and Forty, then rebrands itself and subsidiaries with the Crowd Favorite name.
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