Progressive Profiling
for WordPress

Gradually gather data from site visitors to build a more complete user profile.

What is Progressive Profiling?

Progressive Profiling is a tool that allows you to capture information from site visitors over time. Avoid question overload for your site visitors with Progressive Profiling.

Progressive Profiling

Collecting information from site visitors can be tricky, if the form is long and complicated many visitors will opt-out. Progressive Profiling allows you to select the information you wish to collect from the visitors and gradually collects the information for each site visitor as they return to your site.

Not only does it provide more complete visitor profiles, but it also avoid form fatigue on the visitors end. Once a data field is collected, Progressive Profiling will not ask for that field again. The user will avoid submitting their name and email each visit, getting them closer to the content they desire and you with more complete visitor profiles.

Shorter Forms

Progressive Profiling allows you to collect data in short, reasonable forms, increasing the chance your site visitors will complete the information. Smaller, easier to complete forms increases data captured on each site visitor.

Time Saved

Progressive Profiling manages information collected from each site visitor and automatically populates new questions based on the data still needed for that visitor. No more creating custom forms, Progressive Profiling does it for you!

Increased Leads

Progressive Profiling asks different questions gradually over time to site visitors, increasing the amount of information you receive about each user, allowing you to determine more qualified leads to target.


Check out the knowledge base to get started with your plugins, details for integrations, and general user questions. If you need additional help, reach out below.


Progressive Profiling requires WordPress, osDXP and Gravity Forms.

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