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Global #ecommerce sales are expected to reach $4.2 trillion USD in 2020, and exceed $6.5 trillion by 2023. Do you have the right #digitalstrategy and team in place? Let's talk #digitaltransformation for eCommerce!
Choosing an eCommerce Solution

With so many options, businesses are bound to be overwhelmed and make mistakes when choosing an eCommerce solution.

Personalized Digital Experiences

Personalized Digital Experiences can greatly impact your site conversations, increase customer engagement, and lead to more sales.

Custom eCommerce Curbside Solution

A high-end, specialty grocer based in Texas partnered with Crowd Favorite to deliver a robust eCommerce solution featuring a curbside program that achieved an 87% Net Promoter Score.

The Road to Open Source - make|SHIFT

Open Source Software: A Legacy of Digital Transformation WordPress has taken 35% of the web, it is driven by the opportunities of Open Source and supported by the community. Companies are demanding comprehensive solutions that utilize and integrate the entirety of their digital platform, provide flexibility as they evolve, and make long term financial sense…

ColourPop Cosmetics, an up-and-coming cosmetics company with a cult-like following, engaged Crowd Favorite to scale their site in anticipation of record high Cyber Monday sales.

Crowd Favorite and Bold announce they are partnering for a private beta launch of Bold Checkout, a powerful, performance enhancing checkout solution for high-growth, scaling WooCommerce retailers.

Standing together, against injustice (or Racism)

Crowd Favorite doesn’t come to the table today purporting solutions to the sad, painful, long-tenured, and nuanced issue of bigotry in the United States, but rather we bring our empathy, our humanity, our patience, our understanding, and most importantly our love to all communities affected by the stain of generations of racial injustice. Crowd Favorite…

Over the last year, WP Engine, a WordPress digital experience platform leader, dedicated itself to creating a feature-length documentary exploring the art and science behind the advertising industry’s 20+ year evolution. The result is make|SHIFT, a documentary that explores the history of modern advertising and the role that creative technology played in its evolution. Crowd…

Combatting the New Abnormal: Living to Work

For leaders, understanding the work/life balance in this new “abnormal” world this environment means rethinking and re-measuring everything.

Web Page Performance

Website speed is crucial in creating a good user experience, and positively impacting the conversation rate for your website. The digital experience your website provides is vital to your brand. It is responsible for driving traffic, engaging customers, and ultimately, increasing conversion rates. A site that quickly engages and satisfies new or returning customers is…

Victaulic: GfK Open Source Integration

Utilizing Open Source integrations Crowd Favorite added a new global inventory system for Victaulic to improve time to market and process efficiency.

Remote Work: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Remote work has been a practice for a long time and has been a proven work model. It is not a trend anymore and certainly not bound to companies in the technology industry. Businesses across all industries are discovering the benefit of remote working, especially with the amount of tools on the market to leverage…

Behavioral Traits of Leaders in a Crisis

It’s an exciting, yet scary time for leadership because all of us who call ourselves leaders, are leaders, or are looked at as leaders are about to get exposed. I want to say that does not mean I am glad about any impending crisis, or crises in general. Honestly, from the top on down, we’re…

Leveraging WordPress as a Framework

WordPress continues to face adoption challenges as an enterprise-grade solution due to skepticism around Open Source tools and the rapid consumer adoption of WordPress itself. Crowd Favorite leverages its expertise in bringing Open Source solutions to the enterprise by educating IT and Marketing professionals everyday that power and scalability can be achieved by using WordPress…

Replatforming Your Website With an Open Source Solution

With increasing frequency we are finding mid-market and enterprise organizations replatforming their websites, moving away from antiquated and expensive proprietary solutions and towards Open Source technology like WordPress and Drupal. While Crowd Favorite is helping to lead the charge in bringing the power, dynamism, security, scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of Open Source software to the…