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Wordpress Media Management in the Enterprise

When handling high-traffic sites, large numbers of simultaneous image uploads and inordinately large media libraries, WordPress media management requires customization to remain performant.

With the rate of 4.7-4.9 adoption on the rise, we want to address one particular feature of 4.7 that has raised a lot of concern: the inclusion of the WP REST API content endpoints in WordPress core itself.

  With nearly half of Americans planning to visit an amusement park within the next year, parks have a big opportunity to bring in business through website traffic. The following list of best practices can help to bring focus your site, ensuring it serves your visitors, captures their imaginations, and makes your park the obvious…

Starz sought help from Crowd Favorite to build, a consumer-facing, javascript-powered media site, thereby freeing up their in-house team to focus on other areas of development.

We were approached by Populous, a global architectural firm, to organize content types, build templates, design and build site architecture.

National Geographic had been experiencing repeated success with its migrations to WordPress. With their new success, National Geographic wanted to develop an experimental blog that would cover a team of writers and their exploration to Everest.

Crowd Favorite has had a long standing relationship with Dave Matthews Band in regards to consultations and maintenance work for their existing site.

Gawkerverse is a network of user-generated photo gallery sites, including, built by chief gawker Chuck Lai. Lai enlisted Crowd Favorite to help enhance the design and functionality of his sites for a better user experience.

America’s #1 Satellite TV provider, DIRECTV, sought Crowd Favorite’s expertise to expand their network of marketing sites, allowing to promote rich, targeted content in a number of regions.

Phish engaged Crowd Favorite to build a new WordPress site supporting rich media content (including photos and videos, merchandise, and tour information), easy-to-use administrative tools, and mobile-responsive layouts.