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Is WordPress the Speedy Solution You’ve Been Overlooking?

WordPress vs. AEM: Discover the advantages of using WordPress as your Digital Experience Platform. Faster setup, cost-effective, and feature-rich.

Published on by Victoria Fleischer

Let's face it: brands today are after fast timelines that include all the bells and whistles and they want it NOW! The common belief? The only way to get something fast is to shell out the big bucks on complex platforms for top-tier features. But as we tell all of your clients, it just isn’t so!

Let’s start with this quote from the Gartner DXP Magic Quadrant report of March 2023:

Adobe has a very complex suite of Digital Experience management tools requiring considerable technical resources to deliver, with an extremely steep learning curve, specialized skill set and training, and extensive implementation timelines.

Bam! That's a mouthful. But in layman's terms? Complexity takes time, AEM is known to have a 6-8 month set up time, and it can eat up your ROI. Enter stage right: the star of the show, WordPress. 🌟

No Steep Hills Here! 🏞️

Adobe's "Mount Everest" learning curve? Not WordPress! WordPress is like your favorite cafe: familiar, comfortable, and easy to navigate. Dive in without the need for a map, get your website up in a jiffy, and serve your audience before your competitors have even laced up their hiking boots. Speed is the name of the game! In most cases we can get a first phase launch up in a matter of weeks, rather than quarters. Getting up and running quickly allows you to iterate and add more complex marketing integrations without holding you back.

Budget Friendly WordPress Hub and Spoke

AND Bold 💰✨

WordPress is lighter on the wallet, but where it truly dazzles is in its adaptability. Imagine a platform where you only pay for what you truly need, tailoring it with a plethora of plugins and themes. Result? Sparkling ROI. This hub and spoke approach allows marketers to efficiently scale their strategies, addressing specific audience needs and optimizing campaigns without overspending. By focusing on precise tools and functionalities, you can drive targeted results and ensure that every dollar spent is an investment towards tangible growth.

All the Jazz,
None of the Hassle 🎵✨

We hear all the time that WordPress can't match the mighty Adobe when it comes to Digital Experience Platforms. But at Crowd Favorite we have over a decade of experience that says differently. From Disney, to The Emmy’s, to NVIDIA & Flock Freight, we have done it all, with a quicker time to market and at a fraction of the cost. The future of Digital Experience is Open Source and WordPress is leading the way. 🚀

WordPress Digital Experiences

The Original WordPress Agency

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