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Our History

As an original contributor to the WordPress Project in 2002, our founder, Alex King set the tone for Crowd Favorite’s commitment to Open Source Solutions.

History of Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite has been leading Open Source Innovation before its inception. As an original contributor to the WordPress Project in 2002, our founder, Alex King set the tone for Crowd Favorite’s commitment to Open Source Solutions.

In 2003, Crowd Favorite established that WordPress is for the Enterprise, when Disney adopted this solution as their CMS of record with a 5-year Enterprise-Wide Program. Crowd Favorite continued the momentum, extending Open Source Solutions and WordPress to Facebook integration, creating one of the first full-screen interactive WordPress Websites.

Less than 10 years from our start, Crowd Favorite led the extension of scalable WordPress with API architecture; two years before the official WordPress Core REST API was established. From here, Crowd Favorite pioneered the decoupled CMS for Enterprise Companies as a headless solution years before the industry began to take note of this advancement.

A Long History of Open Source Innovation

History of Crowd Favorite

Within the past several years, Crowd Favorite has advocated for Open Source; leveraging the accessibility, flexibility, and scalability it brings to companies. From this perspective, Crowd Favorite has been delivering customized solutions to clients that feature deep personalization options, traditionally found in AM or Sitecore offerings. 

Currently, Crowd Favorite is building and delivering the next generation Open Source Digital Experience Platform. Trusted brands from Academic Partnership, Harvard Business School Online, NVIDIA, and Disney continue to trust in our Open Source Solutions and team as their digital partner. 

The Story Behind Our Name

The Crowd Favorite name originated from our founder Alex King who, while watching a golf tournament, heard the announcer talking about a player and how, although that player was at the top of his sport, still took the time to look fans in the eyes, shake their hands, and sign their autographs until the last person got one. Alex wanted the same for his company and its clients. As an expert developer and Open Source Software enthusiast, he set out to create an agency for established and scaling brands where clients could get elite technology services with a friendly, authentic, and approachable experience.

Today, we continue to use that ethos as our North Star - whether that means working with our clients and partners, giving back to the Open Source Community, giving back to underserved and underrepresented communities, or supporting our team in their professional growth- we look to be the Crowd Favorite.

Formed in 2014 by Three Best-of-Breed Digital Firms




Founded in 2007, VeloMedia specialized in running mission-critical digital projects for enterprise and Fortune 500 companies. The company was known for its ability to provide stability, process, infrastructure, and account management appropriate for high-profile projects where failure wasn’t an option.




Opened in 2003, Forty existed to create remarkable digital experiences that solved problems for users through human-centered design. In the years that followed, the firm became known for its ability to expertly craft brands and experiences that resonated with customers.

Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite


Also established in 2007, Crowd Favorite was the very first digital agency focused primarily on the WordPress platform. Through years of experience working on enterprise-grade digital problems, Crowd Favorite set the bar for world-class web engineering, systems integration, and heavily customized content management.

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