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Personalize the content for your users without having to code - that's progress!

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Create custom content and experiences for each site visitor based on live behavior, predefined rules, and more.


Gather more about site visitors with each visit to your site, while creating a more personalized experience for them.


Keep the style, ditch the slow load times. Speed Daemon for WordPress improves page load speed by reducing the amount of code needed, while preserving your page's look & feel.

Woo-Headless Checkout


Woo-Headless Checkout

Fully customizatiable, Open Source, Headless eCommerce platform from your favorite eCommerce and Enterprise Agencies.
Details coming soon!

Our Digital Experience Platform Products for osDXP

Personalization osDXP

Crowd Favorite is proud to be one of the founding sponsors of the completely Open Source Digital Experience Platform.

Personalization osDXP

Conditional Content gives you the ability to add or replace content based on the site visitors' behavior.

Personalization osDXP

Progressive Profiling gradually collects information from each site visitor as they visit and return to your site.

Personalization osDXP

Social sharing buttons that look great and keep your site loading fast. Original version by Bill Erickson & Jared Atchison.

Personalization osDXP

Drop a PNG file named login-logo.png into your wp-content directory and Login Logo takes care of the rest.

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osDXP Modules?

Check out the complete module library on Open Source DXP's official website.


The Developer’s Code Journal

Capsule replaces the scratch document you have open when you’re coding. Instead of throwing away those notes, code snippets, API responses, ad-hoc todo lists, and outlines, Capsule creates an archive of your development artifacts.

Open Source Community Products



Capsule is a full text-editor designed for developers to include notes and details about their code. 


Conditional Content Lite

A free version for the more feature rich Conditional Content for WordPress Plugin made for the Community.


Drafts Dropdown

Drafts Dropdown plugin gives you links to all of your drafts on every screen through a handy tab. Quicker access to draft posts and pages!



If you want to own your content while engaging on Twitter and Facebook, using WordPress with the FavePersonal theme is a great way to go.

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Check out the Product Support section to get started with your plugins, details for integrations, and general user questions.

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