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Nvidia’s Marketing Team Gains a Digital Support Partner

Nvidia needed an expert to bridge the gap between the marketing and IT departments and turned to Crowd Favorite to be their digital support partner.

Nvidia, a global leader in graphic processor unit (GPU) manufacturing, operates a sophisticated blog to support its marketing department’s objectives. The Marketing Team reaches solutions much faster by adding Crowd Favorite as a digital support partner than utilizing their internal IT team alone.


Nvidia was in need of a solution to help bridge the gap between the Marketing Team and internal Information Technology (IT) Team. The IT team employs strict control over its web presence, causing bottlenecks and technical difficulties for the Marketing team. The Marketing Team was looking to add expertise required for running Nvidia Blogs architecture, befitting the rigorous demands of the IT team.


Partnering with Crowd Favorite’s Digital Support Services (DSS) team enables Nvidia the flexibility, ease of use, and scalability required to allow for marketing’s success without the burden of extensive technical training. Crowd Favorite’s DSS team of experts identifies potential issues before problems arise and facilitates conversations with internal Nvidia teams, ensuring every technical possibility is reviewed and addressed.

Digital Support Services team on video call


Initially needing an expert to bridge the gap between departments, Nvidia turned to Crowd Favorite. Five years later, the support has grown and Crowd Favorite has integrated into the Nvidia team as a digital support partner. Through this trusted partnership with Crowd Favorite, Nvidia can skip expensive and time-consuming meetings typically associated with ongoing Digital Support Services.

Crowd Favorite was the digital expert that bridged the gap between the Marketing & IT teams.

The cohesive nature of Crowd Favorite’s ongoing support ensures that more real work is done without the need for constant status meetings. Requirements, requests, and technical support tickets are created seamlessly. Solutions are then worked, tested, and deployed with the confidence that Crowd Favorite’s team can deliver a solution that meets the standards of a world-class technology company.

Nvidia and Crowd Favorite are grateful for the success and longevity of this digital partnership. If your team is looking to add a digital support partner or is in need of a digital expert, contact us here.