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Navigating Hyper-Growth: Flock Freight’s Digital Transformation Journey

Crowd Favorite collaborated with Flock Freight to develop a cutting-edge website redesign, elevating the user experience for their marketing team and customers while driving their mission for sustainability in the freight industry.

Flock Freight

Flock Freight, a Series D-funded company with venture capital from Google Ventures and SignalFire, is an innovative startup in San Diego, California. Flock Freight aims to fundamentally change the $60 billion LTL freight industry across North America with FlockDirect—one pooled shipment at a time.  They are driving sustainability and efficiency in an industry that has long-awaited transformation and they needed strategic partners to team up with while they aggressively grew its customer base.  Partners like Ryan Reynolds’ esteemed marketing company, MNTN & Maximum Effort, and Crowd Favorite.

Flock Freight

The Challenge

Flock Freight was on the precipice of exponential growth, taking on several rounds of funding from investors, and their website needed to match their hyper-growth. It wasn't just an issue of outdated design or sporadic updates; the core problem was the website's inability to support Flock Freight's Marketing Team and their growing needs. After consultation between our teams, we saw the need for a three-phased digital transformation approach.

Best experience I've had with a partner on the web development side. So kudos to you all.
– Orlando Baeza, CMO, Flock Freight

Our Approach

Phase One: Triage and Strategy

Crowd Favorite, with over a decade of experience in balancing Enterprise innovation and processes, was brought on board, and understanding the cadence needs of a fast-moving company, saw the need to approach the first phase of the project in two tracks. The first track, “Triage,” was in response to immediate needs. Our team worked with Flock Freight to address the immediate communications needs to keep them going. They were headed towards a large marketing campaign and their website was not ready and needed an 80% visual redesign within 30 days. Track two, “Strategy” involved intensive collaboration between Flock Freight’s Marketing Team and Crowd Favorite’s Team of a dedicated project manager and strategist to oversee current goals and plan for future needs. This resulted in a cohesive new design throughout the site and defined needs for Flock Freight's new direction.


A Transformative Digital
Solution that Delivered Results!

  • 80% Visual Site Redesign in 30 Days
  • Eliminated Bottle Neck of Content Creation
  • 30% Decrease in Workflow Time
  • Webby Award Nomination
  • Same-Day Landing Page Creation
  • Increased Engagement & Traffic

Phase Two: Creating a Foundation for Growth

Building the longer-term solution with WordPress, utilizing the recently validated and innovative Gutenberg Patterns, we were able to set up the digital property for the next phases of the company.


During this phase, we focused on custom coding, addressing complex needs prioritized by Flock Freight. Our deep dive into the existing framework and extensive research allowed us to provide tailored, insightful recommendations, addressing two high-priority issues immediately. This phase underscored our technical proficiency and ability to deliver customized solutions to enterprise clients.

Phase Three: Ongoing Marketing Team Support

With Phase Two completed our engagement with Flock Freight evolved into an enduring partnership. Crowd Favorite continued to work with their team to support and adapt to their growing needs. With streamlined workflows and decreased workload, the Flock Freight team was able to focus on their nationwide marketing campaign and not worry about the increased traffic to the site. This ongoing collaboration is a testament to our ability to deliver transformative digital solutions that resonate with our clients' evolving landscapes.

Flock Freight named in the CNBC Disruptor 50 group, Nasdaq

Addressing Enterprise Client Needs

Working with Flock Freight during their pivotal hyper-growth phase presented challenges typical of enterprise clients. Our strategic solutions were designed to ensure they were well-equipped for scalable growth and market adaptation. This enables Flock Freight to rapidly respond to evolving market demands and seize new business opportunities with greater efficiency, positioning them for sustained success. Our collaboration with Flock Freight required a deep understanding of their unique position in the sustainable freight industry. By integrating our digital strategy team with their leadership team, we ensured that the solutions provided were not just technically sound but also industry-relevant and sustainable.

Outcomes & Business Impact

The overhaul of Flock Freight's website resulted in a more cohesive, user-friendly, and engaging digital experience, aligning with its innovative and sustainability-driven brand image. This enabled the marketing team to build out and test better converting pages, increasing engagement rates and encouraging visitors to stay longer on the site while exploring more pages. The redesign also made the website significantly easier to use for the Marketing Team and cut their daily workflow time by 30%. This type of transformation reduces operational costs and allows Flock Freight to focus on its ongoing hyper-growth roadmap. In addition to all of the cost savings and ROI Flock Freight’s redesigned website also won a Webby Award under the Sustainable Technology category!

Looking for a Similar Solution?

We were honored that Flock Freight trusted Crowd Favorite to deliver this cutting-edge website redesign and look forward to more collaboration in the future.