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Open Source DXP for Academic Partnerships

Academic Partnerships chose WordPress over Adobe for a Digital Experience Platform with custom workflows, a no-code editorial process, and a focus on deep personalization, which resulted in a 35% Y-o-Y cost savings.

Academic Partnerships

Academic Partnerships (and affiliated global business units) is a leading online service provider for higher education globally. The company assists universities in converting their on-campus degree programs into an online format, recruits qualified students for those programs, and supports enrolled students through graduation.

They employ a suite of state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to ensure the delivery of top-notch online education that mirrors the rigor of on-campus learning. Their collaborative approach with partner universities has led to the creation of diverse, accessible, and impactful learning experiences for students around the world.

Open Source DXP

Key Results

Open Source DXP for Academic Partnerships


in production time for partner universities’ marketing and editorial staff when creating new sites.

Open Source DXP for Academic Partnerships


with custom workflows for assigned roles, including 2-way integrations with both on-prem data stores and 3rd party SaaS.

Open Source DXP for Academic Partnerships

System Integrations

allowing for marketing automation, testing tools, ad serving, and advanced analytics.

Open Source DXP for Academic Partnerships


provided with an escalating Service Level Agreement covering Applications, Integrations, and hosting – all in one support structure.

Open Source DXP for Academic Partnerships


in university partnerships over the first year, citing client conversion and rapid deployment cycles.

Open Source DXP for Academic Partnerships

Strategic Roadmap

provided as part of delivery with projected cost savings of 7 figures.

The Problem

With deep educational marketing expertise, Academic Partnerships strives to give their university partners distinct advantages in attracting more students. However, their existing solution relied heavily on IT and a complex, multi-application workflow to create personalized solutions for their university partners. Each client website required manual updates and presented hurdles for marketing.

Academic Partnerships identified the need for a solution that would enable them to swiftly launch personalized partner sites, ensuring alignment with their pre-established User Experience (UX) branding and requirements. This required in-depth integration with testing tools, marketing automation platforms, digital asset management systems, ad servers, chat functionalities, local proprietary data storage, and international support to furnish their clients with tangible and verifiable outcomes.

The Solution

By investing in digital strategy and using Open Source enterprise solutions, Academic Partnerships was able to increase client conversion with a rapid deployment cycle which empowered their marketing team to deliver highly personalized client experiences without burdening IT, all while reducing total cost of ownership.

After Discovery & Digital Strategy, Design and Site Architecture, and complete Development and Engineering, the result was an Open Source DXP solution built with WordPress. A custom plugin suite of tools was built to rapidly deploy new partner sites allowing control of every aspect of the web design workflow from a single source of truth. Academic Partnerships is now able to expedite launching a personalized partner website that matches existing branding, without the need of the IT department and its resources for each launch.

Deployment of new personalized sites was sped up by developing a custom cloning tool, allowing any of the existing client websites to act as a template for a future site. Cloned sites could then be quickly modified, using predefined layouts or total customization to meet the individual needs of each client at a moment’s notice. This solution ensured that every aspect of personalizing new client websites would feel familiar and intuitive to non-technical team members by using low-code interface features.

Open Source DXP for Academic Partnerships

Base Cost Savings

on the AEM installation estimate.

Open Source DXP for Academic Partnerships

Y-o-Y Cost Savings

of total cost of ownership in hosting & platform digital support services.

The complexity of this project was not just in the creation of a seamless and intuitive solution. The end product not only transformed the way Academic Partnerships operates but showcased the immense possibilities of marrying technology with user-centric design. Combining Digital Strategy, Low Code solutions, and Open Source Software allowed Academic Partnerships to create customizable and scalable sites for a growing higher education market.

Thanks for the great build, you have successfully beaten Adobe at their own game. We’re excited about spawning the next site.
– Steven Spaulding, VP of Digital Marketing, Academic Partnerships

A no-code Open Source DXP for Academic Partnerships

Enterprise WordPress

Academic Partnerships was highlighted as an example of WordPress for the Enterprise on!

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By combining Digital Strategy, Low Code solutions, and Open Source Software, Academic Partnerships is now able to create customizable and scalable sites for a growing higher education market.