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DXP Toolkit Pro: End of Year Promo: 50% OFF Annual Plan & Free Set Up Support

Create content as unique as your visitors with DXP ToolKit's Personalization Tools including over 10 categories and more than 120 Rules.

Published on by Karim Marucchi, CEO

Most of us know that WordPress is the natural go-to tool for tens of thousands of businesses around the world. That is because it offers a flexible, effective platform and confirmed that in a recent report stating WordPress is used by 42.9% of all the websites. Marketers know this and they also know that the key to standing out with their WordPress site lies in delivering personalized user experiences.

89% of Digital Businesses are Investing in Personalization.

Source: Forrester

94% of Companies Experienced a Rise in Conversion Rates After Personalizing Their Websites.

Source: Econsultancy

Crowd Favorite’s DXP Toolkit, an advanced plugin, is at the forefront of the personalization transformation. Personalization has evolved from a marketing trend to a fundamental business necessity. Consumers are inundated with generic content and personalization is the key to relevance and engagement for consumers. It's about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, creating a unique connection between the brand and its audience.

Introducing DXP Toolkit

DXP Toolkit is engineered to enhance WordPress. This plugin introduces a new dimension of customization, allowing for event-driven, block-level personalization of websites. Whether it's integrating with analytics, eCommerce, CRM tools, or social media, DXP Toolkit bridges the gap between various data sources to create a cohesive and tailored user experience. DXP Toolkit translates into tangible business outcomes. It enables businesses to significantly boost their conversion rates and revenue by delivering more relevant and engaging content to each visitor. Compared to many proprietary solutions, DXP Toolkit stands out for its cost-effectiveness and ease of integration. It leverages the familiarity of WordPress while granting the freedom of being in complete control of their own data.

End of Year Promo: 50% OFF Annual Plan!

Agencies have a unique opportunity to get this powerful tool at an unprecedented value! With DXP ToolKit Pro you can:

  • Create content as unique as your visitors with the full suite of Personalization Tools including over 10 categories and more than 120 Rules.
  • No-Code Integration with Woo, GA4, HubSpot, and ConvertKit.
  • Customize based on user segments, geography, customer status, site analytics, and more!
  • Download, Sync, and Go! It is that easy. DXP ToolKit was created to work with your workflow. Integrating with your WordPress website and team workflows.
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DXP ToolKit enables you to evolve your website from a mere static digital brochure into a dynamic, evolving digital experience that expands alongside your business. Elevate up to ten WordPress sites of engagement with this exclusive offer of 50% off for DXP Toolkit Pro’s 12-month license. Trusted by some of the most respected brands like Disney and Nvidia, it's an opportunity for businesses to invest in a tool that can significantly amplify their digital strategy on a platform they are already familiar with.

Free Set Up Support!

Order by November 27th and we're offering a FREE 1 hour set-up support session with our product team. Buy DXP ToolKit now and we'll contact you to schedule your session!