Careers at Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite is a challenging and rewarding place to work

We’re protective of our culture, our process, and our clients, and we’d rather be understaffed than hire the wrong person. When you do join our team, though, you’ll quickly realize this isn’t like other jobs. It’s a transformative experience.

Our culture

Our culture is based around four key principles:



Great communication is the foundation for great work, great client relationships, and a great career. We put a priority on clear and frequent communication, and we work hard to improve it those times we fall short of our own expectations. Naturally good communicators thrive here.


Our clients entrust us with high-priority, mission-critical projects, and they depend on us to do them right. We take that responsibility seriously, and we look to hire people who also take it seriously: the kind of people whose "I'll take care of it" means it's as good as done.


We're growing. Our expertise is growing. Our clients are growing. And you'll grow, too. We're not interested in maintaining the status quo. This is about getting better, accomplishing more, and making a real impact on the world around us through the work we do.


The responsibility for doing great work and creating great experiences is shared by every person in our company. Instead of pointing fingers or making excuses, we focus on looking for ways we can individually contribute, take responsiblity, and make things better.

Career opportunities

These are some of the types of talents we're looking for:

Front-end development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS

Back-end development

PHP, custom apps, WordPress

Mobile development

iOS, Android, Titanium

UI/UX design

User research, prototyping, visual design

Content strategy

Taxonomies, audits, content planning

Project management

Planning, tracking, coordinating

Account management

Strategy, relationships, consulting


Why crowd favorite

There are many reasons why people want to work at Crowd Favorite. Here are a few:

  • Highly-talented experts across a variety of professions
  • Interaction with teammates at offices around the world
  • Projects with some of the world's best-known companies
  • Opportunities to sharpen your skills with new technologies
  • Mentorship by experienced and respected management team
  • Variety of career paths and growth opportunities
  • Stability of a successful and diversified company