We’re Hiring!

We don’t believe in putting people in boxes.

As a tight-knit, cross-functional team, everyone gets to wear a few different hats. We believe this is a good thing — variety is something we embrace as an overall strength for our team.

Below you’ll find a rough outline of technical skill groupings. Our expectation is that good candidates will see things in more than one grouping to identify with. Further, we’d expect that the groups you identify with two years from now will likely be different — your position at Crowd Favorite will evolve to reflect this.


You’ve got a background in fine arts and experience creating strong, compelling visual designs and brand identities. You can throw together an identity guide in a heartbeat and have a few dozen favorite Pantone colors at your fingertips.

You understand that design is communication. You have reasons for your design choices and can explain them with passion and conviction. You love discussing the nuances of subtle details, because you know that the details are the opportunity to take something good and make it great.

Web Application Interface Designer

You appreciate the value of convention but aren’t afraid to try something new if you think it’s better. You take an intentional approach and can articulate reasons for your choices and enjoy the debate over merits of different approaches.

You enjoy creating polished visual designs and might also do some prototyping in HTML and CSS (and JavaScript to highlight certain interactions). Above all, you enjoy a surpassing satisfaction when shipping a truly elegant finished product.

Front End Development

A pixel of baseline difference between Firefox and Chrome will keep you from sleeping at night until it’s fixed. You understand design principles, spacing, balance and the kind of design that works on the web.

You understand how browsers work and know what differences to expect from different flavors of IE, whatever version of Chrome and Firefox we’re up to now, and the myriad of mobile WebKit browsers out there.

You have a drive to create great user experiences and understand how to use semantic HTML5 markup, CSS, and JavaScript animations and features to achieve your vision.

Web Development

You make the web work. You have a sophisticated understanding of how the web is delivered; minifying and combining your CSS and JavaScript files is just part of creating a website or web application. The benefits of using AJAX in specific situations are self-evident.

You understand the benefits of the MVC style, and the dangers of premature optimization. Data is data; you’re equally comfortable connecting to MySQL and the Twitter API. You understand how to optimize your data queries and how to test the performance of the code you write. Error and exception handling code is carefully considered and well tested and because sometimes the database isn’t available or Twitter’s API is down.


You are best known for your unwavering confidence in your ability to quickly learn and master whatever technology is the best fit for the task at hand. Your experience in tinkering with different toolsets for fun makes it easy for you to make technology choices based on both a conceptual understanding of them and relevant hands-on experience.

You know when to implement a memcache cluster or break some data out of MySQL and set it up on a NoSQL store with a high performance queue and RESTful interface. The entire OAuth2 flow and the underlying data structures of your favorite DVCS are at your fingertips in the event someone asks a question while you’re within arms reach of a whiteboard. You enjoy teaching and sharing your passion with others, as long as they are bright and curious and want to learn.

What’s that? Several vague symptoms of a problem on a system you’ve never seen before? Sure, you can get that taken care of — you’ll just need a shell and a sudo account and no one bothering you for a few minutes thank-you-very-much. Clustering machines and running performance tests is fun, but what’s really fun is running the same test a few hours later after a few surgical tweaks to see the HUGE PERFORMANCE GAINS you managed to squeeze out of it. You understand that the developers creating applications to run on your beautiful server configurations are partners to work with rather than the enemy that is causing you headaches.
Project Management

You are a master communicator and linguist, fluent in “client”, “developer” and adept at picking up new dialects and working with unique personalities. You get things quickly, have high standards and are comfortable taking a stand when you feel the team is coming up short of it’s capabilities. You have impeccable judgement and know when to crack the whip and when to reserve judgement and ask questions. You are willing to deliver bad news when it is necessary.

You understand that some decisions end up being mistakes, but you aren’t afraid to make them because you know that they bring with them valuable lessons; and that mistakes made in good faith are rarely fatal. You’ve lived on the web for years and understand what it does best as a platform. You’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t work — both as an end user and as the manager of successful and failed projects.

Technical experience is a plus, but not a pre-requisite.

Quality Assurance & Special Projects

You love the web and understand how websites and web applications work. You are an explorer and a power user, but you are adept at putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and looking for both functional flaws and identifying things that could and should be made easier. You can easily synthesize lots of information, then mix in your own ideas and experience to make sure that developer 'blind spots' are properly accounted for.

You take pride in making sure that everything that is shipped is well tested and of the highest quality. You think creatively, embrace both user and automated testing, love learning new things, and aren’t scared by technical challenges.

All this and a conference room stormtrooper

Culture & Perks


We pride ourselves in having a culture where everyone pushes each other to step up their game. The opportunity to work with the latest and greatest technologies brings with it an expectation that everyone is constantly learning, growing and contributing new ideas to the team.

Office Stormtrooper

We believe in the excellence that comes from creative thinking and problem solving in a truly merit-based environment. Your ideas and execution are what define your position on the team. Everyone on the team has an opportunity to shape the technical choices we make, and has the responsibility to make sure that the solutions we create are elegant. Our developers make sure that our architecture, frameworks and coding standards are above reproach while our designers are just as fanatical about the visual design and user experience of each of our projects.

A developer-founded and developer-led company has a different culture than a sales or marketing driven company. We focus on the product and in creating things that are technically excellent; and let our resulting reputation act as our sales and marketing pitch.

We live in Colorado; in a place where people get out and do things. We work hard, but we believe in balance and creating a sustainable environment for our team.


The best things about working at Crowd Favorite are the developer-centric environment, the great team to collaborate with, and the interesting and challenging work. You can choose your development tools from your OS to your text editor. We have tech lunches every other week where we share things we’ve learned and ask “has anyone tried X?”.

We’re serious about work-life balance. We offer the rare opportunity to build with the latest tech on a broad range of projects without requiring the 60-80 hour/week commitment necessary in most start-up environments.

Of course we offer the standard stuff: market competitive salaries, 3 weeks of vacation per year, health benefits, a retirement plan and a conference room Stormtrooper.

Sound good? Ready to dive in?

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