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Unlocking Digital Success: Embracing Composable DXPs & Open Source

Uncover the key benefits of integrating best-of-breed solutions and how leading organizations are using these strategies to stay ahead in the digital race

Published on by Karim Marucchi, CEO

Last month I co-hosted a Webinar with Pantheon’s CEO, Josh Koenig called "Unlocking Innovation: Defining Composable to Leverage Digital Success." We discussed the transformative approach of leveraging Open Source within a composable framework and showed how it outpaces the competition. We highlighted how leading organizations use these strategies for digital success and are shifting from traditional monolithic Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) to more flexible, composable solutions. I wanted to share more about this webinar and dig a little deeper into what we are seeing with our Enterprise Clients.

The Shift from Monolithic to Composable DXP

Monolithic systems often fall short due to their rigid structure, making it difficult to adapt quickly to the market environment. Composable Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) provide the agility and flexibility essential for businesses to adopt best-of-breed solutions effectively. We have been leading this shift and providing results to the Enterprise for over a decade. The benefits our clients see are quicker time to market, lower TCO, and streamlined workflows. All of this allows them to respond to customer expectations and keep pace with technological advancements.


For those who missed the live webinar or wish to delve deeper into the discussed topics, you can watch the full webinar here. We also invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, or questions about composable DXPs and Open Source innovation with us.

Open Source as a Hub for Innovation

When anyone asks about Composable solutions and how they work I immediately tell them that the answer is using Open Source software as the core, or hub, of a digital experience platform. This approach not only democratizes innovation by allowing organizations to build upon existing, widely-used platforms, like WordPress, but also significantly reduces costs and mitigates the risk of vendor lock-in. For example, we delivered a 30% base cost savings to Academic Partnerships compared to what AEM offered them.

People don’t realize that they can have a seamless integration of proprietary Martech tools with open source platforms. By strategically selecting which aspects of their digital experience to build on open source and where to incorporate specialized SaaS offerings, organizations can create a tailored, powerful ecosystem. This strategy not only offers the best of both worlds but also addresses the scalability and customization needs of modern businesses.


Benefits of Composable Solutions
Built Around A Content Hub

  • Flexible Integration: Enables varied front-end development, supporting both CMS-provided interfaces and custom-built solutions. This flexibility allows a restaurant or coffee chain, like Counter Culture Coffee, to use a decoupled architecture to manage its website and mobile app, providing a consistent experience across platforms while tailoring functionalities to specific user needs.
  • Unified Content Management: Features a single repository for all content, facilitating consistent access and deployment across different platforms through REST and GraphQL APIs. This allows a global online marketplace, like Victaulic, a single content hub to streamline its listings and user-generated content, ensuring that updates are instantly reflected across the website and mobile application.
  • Advanced Authoring Experience: Equips content creators with sophisticated and intuitive tools for content creation, comparable to those found in leading CMS platforms, suitable for both conventional and bespoke front ends. A news or media organization could offer its journalists advanced content authoring tools that simplify the process of writing, editing, and publishing stories, ensuring that high-quality content is consistently delivered across digital platforms. Like we did with Disney/ABC Press
Disney ABC Press Key Results

Disney ABC Press, a Real World Success Story: A Press targeted digital experience for multiple business units handling over 14 million media assets over 10 brands with unique country based rights.

Look to the Future

Adopting a composable approach brings numerous benefits and as your organization seeks to remain competitive, embracing these approaches will be key to unlocking innovation, driving growth, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. As “The Original WordPress Agency” we have known this to be the case since 2003 and our experience allows us to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client. If you have questions about Composable or what solution is best for your business I, and my team, are happy to talk with you.

I am also partnering with Pantheon on an eBook about Composable DXPs that will be out in Summer 2024. It will have even more great information and we look forward to you reading it and continuing the conversation.

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