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Victaulic: Submittal Builder

Leveraging the aspects of an eCommerce check-out system, Crowd Favorite built Victaulic a custom, scalable system for processing data submittals.

Victaulic, a leader in global manufacturing, sought to create a method that would make the process to collect anything from model numbers to performance characteristics more efficient for their clients and internal sales teams. They wanted their clients to have the ability to collate all the required information into a single document with customized information specific to the client.


Victualic’s clients and internal sales teams were manually reviewing PDFs, in multiple languages, in order to create submittal packages for large-scale construction projects. These PDFs were then manually merged to create a single document that would become the final submittal package.


Crowd Favorite developed a custom plugin and website that allowed Victaulic clients to utilize a familiar “checkout style” process to select all the required PDFs, and merge them automatically with personalized data from the user -a custom submittal builder.

By architecting an eCommerce-style approach, without the “checkout” functionality, Crowd Favorite created a scalable and intuitive Open Source solution, quickly adoptable by internal teams and clients alike, easily solving the clients administrative pain points.

Victaulic: Submittal Builder Mobile Experience


Product data submittals are an essential and laborious part of any large-scale construction project. Design professionals must collaborate with manufacturers to collect required information for all products proposed for use in a given project. By partnering with Crowd Favorite on their digital initiatives, Victaulic was able to simplify and improve this process.

The implementation of the submittal builder engine resulted in several successes for Victaulic. The sales team no longer had to put together large submittal packets on behalf of their customers. This was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that exemplified an antiquated workflow. The benefits of an automated solution with the right technology transformed their internal processes and created massive efficiencies for Victaulic and their end clients.

“The submittal builder engine simplified the entire process”.

Laura Dieter, Digital Services Project Manager, Victaulic

This new system also generates leads from the public by grabbing submittals. Meaning, if Victaulic sees several infrastructure submittal docs being pulled for the same geographic region, they can now deduce that a large-scale infrastructure project is going to happen and inform the sales team of new potential business opportunities.

Victaulic now has a way for existing customers, and the public at large, to gather information for submittals without having to interact with the sales team directly. This provides a trove of data that is being integrated into their CRM so they can create actionable sales leads from this business intelligence.

Victaulic has committed to an investment in their digital transformation, and Crowd Favorite is proud to partner and guide them on their journey. If you are looking for a digital transformation partner, or want to learn more about this custom solution, contact us here.