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Life After DXPs: Composing Your Ideal Solution

Karim Marucchi, Crowd Favorite CEO, joins Joe Cicman, Senior Analyst at Forrester, Josh Koenig Co-Founder at Pantheon & Peter Ladka, CEO at Sherpera to discuss how to compose the perfect digital experience stack for your organization.

About This Event

The guest speakers walk through how to compose the perfect digital experience stack for your organization, including how to evaluate potential solutions, and the questions you should ask vendors and your stakeholders along the way. They will discuss how Open Source solutions, like WordPress, can be used as a composable marketing platform and much more!


  • Reality Check: Forrester’s analysis of the reality of DXP solutions in the market
  • The Power of Open: Discover how open solutions can drive quick wins and long-term impact
  • The Pitfalls: The limitations of one-size-fits-all DXP solutions
  • Velocity Is Key: The ability to adapt your digital experience stack over time maximizes or limits value

What's Next?

You may have tried to buy a DXP solution from one vendor to solve all of your organization’s digital experience challenges. By now, you’ve probably realized that it isn’t working – but your uphill battle to drive performance with your website remains. What now?

At Crowd Favorite, we understand that finding the right Digital Experience Platform (DXP) can be a complex challenge. Many organizations, possibly including yours, have experienced the limitations of relying on a single vendor to address all digital experience needs. It's clear that this approach often falls short, leaving you grappling with performance issues on your website.

We are excited to share this webinar with you, providing insights that resonate with our ethos of delivering tailored digital solutions. Enjoy the video and discover how you can enhance your organization's digital experience with the right tools and strategies.

And now we have this influx of monolithic DXPs telling us that they have the solution, the core solution. We know there are alternatives and they already exist.
– Karim Marucchi

Let's Work Together

Crowd Favorite works with larger Fortune 500 organizations to create what they need to fix their digital problems. On a deeper level, we help with integrating digital business needs and can address everything from streamlining workflow issues to improving client experiences. Let us help solve your digital problems.