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WordCamp Asia 2023

Welcoming the First Flagship WordCamp in Asia! Karim Marucchi, CEO, joins as a speaker at the first ever WordCamp Asia, February 17-19 in Bangkok, Thailand.

WordCamp Asia 2023

Speaker: Karim Marucchi

Successfully Marrying Open Source and
Large MarTech Stacks

WordCamp Asia, February 17-19, 2023

With 25+ years of experience Karim brings his expertise and knowledge to help brands with their digital transformations.

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at WordCamp Asia 2023

In this talk, Karim Marucchi, CEO of Crowd Favorite, shares real life examples of delivering more to clients using Open Source solutions and the WordPress platform.

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Today's clients and brands are looking for more: more connections, more API's, more data integration, and ultimately more out of their digital platform.

Karim Marucchi, CEO, Crowd Favorite

WordCamp Asia Speaker

Going beyond API’s, clients are looking for their digital solution to collect data, interpret results, and take their information on their customers to deliver better client experiences. Brands are asking that their WordPress and Open Source solutions push and pull data and information to their current marketing workflow.

During his talk, Karim shared:

  • Real Life Examples of how WordPress has been the Open Source “hub” enabling and leading innovation to successfully work with the MarTech 8,500 Stack.
  • How Digital Experience Platforms, Omni-Channel, Agile CMS, and new concepts are shaping the future of what Enterprise Brand's are expecting from Open Source and WordPress Platforms.
  • How from Workflows to Personalization, the importance of Open Source for the ever changing world of Marketing needs to meet higher client expectations, and ways we are making that happen.
Karim Marucchi, CEO Speaker

WordCamp Asia Memories

The first ever WordCamp Asia was an amazing success. Thank you to all of the volunteers, contributors, organizers, and WordPress Community for all you did to make this happen!

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About Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite’s mission is to connect the digital experience to the human experience. We are a boutique, digital consulting firm specializing in enterprise-grade digital strategy, Open Source software development, and digital support services.

Founded in 2007, Crowd Favorite was the first WordPress-focused agency providing enterprise-ready solutions. Today we architect customized roadmaps for our clients and partners, ensuring an optimal digital transformation that’s aligned with their business goals.

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