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A Global Digital Strategy for Topcon Healthcare

Leveraging a global digital strategy to streamline internal processes for an enterprise brand reaching customers across 30 countries and 10 languages.

Topcon Healthcare, a global manufacturer of ophthalmic medical equipment, recognized the need to partner with a leading digital agency in creating a global digital strategy for consolidating and optimizing their online presence. In engaging Crowd Favorite as a strategic partner in their digital transformation, with only two months to get a relaunch off the ground, they unified their codebase and introduced a global website that would streamline their internal processes, while also serving their customers around the world in more than 30 countries and across 10 languages.


With a history of over 40 years of providing the most technically advanced medical instrumentation, Topcon Healthcare was looking for the same with its website presence - being able to provide visitors from across the globe with easy-to-find accurate information about their industry-leading medical equipment.

As is the case with most global companies, enterprise digital solutions are created by disparate teams working across timezones all over the world. This led Topcon Healthcare to have multiple websites, with unique codebases, and extra overhead required to manage user experiences. Content management changes necessitated engagement of multiple departments and teams, limiting the ability to roll out updates quickly.


Due to the aggressive timeline necessary to accelerate Topcon Healthcare’s digital priorities, Crowd Favorite provided thought leadership and subject matter expertise through a global digital strategy engagement, where every unknown was examined. As a result, we generated a tailored development plan with the right technological flexibility for Topcon’s future needs, while bringing forth the power, dynamism, and cost-efficiency of an Open Source solution. In this instance, Crowd Favorite began with Topcon Healthcare's domestics website, architecting and developing a WordPress multisite that is capable of scaling to meet Topcon Healthcare’s global needs while allowing their multinational business units to unify into an enterprise solution on their own timelines.

Topcon Healthcare User Experience


With a two-month timeline, Topcon Healthcare came to Crowd Favorite needing a new and optimized approach to transform their global web presence. The existing solution required multiple code bases, on different platforms that limited content reuse, making managing their global marketing tedious.

Using WordPress Multisite, Crowd Favorite delivered Topcon Healthcare a digital solution tailored to the locality of their customers, while simultaneously reducing complexity associated with content management and updates for their internal team.

This solution generated big wins for Topcon Healthcare, not only in terms of website management and maintenance, but also for accessibility, conformance to global and local regulations, marketing, user experience, and unified hosting.

“You are ridiculously good at what you do. Thanks!”.

Ken Roberts, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Topcon Healthcare

Topcon Healthcare now has the ability to manage individual products using a Content Management System (CMS), yet can still customize and optimize the customer experience based on their geo-location. For example, when a product line has an option-set only available to a specific country, Topcon Healthcare can show customers that option only if they are in the designated country. This means customers can find relevant content, faster, which leads to a better customer experience, more conversion, and higher sales.

Topcon Healthcare Mobile User Experience

By partnering with Crowd Favorite and utilizing our design integration services, Topcon Healthcare also received an approach allowing for minimal disruption between their existing relationship with an outside design agency. This ensured their investment creating the desired look-and-feel would not be nullified by introducing a new web development partner.

Topcon Healthcare’s digital transformation journey began by understanding their need to partner with a team that could translate their business challenges into digital solutions. After unifying their global strategies and customers into a better managed website, they are now engaged with Crowd Favorite in a multi-year, strategic partnership, enabling Topcon Healthcare vision to contribute to the enrichment of human life through leading-edge technology.

Topcon Healthcare has committed to an investment in their digital transformation and Crowd Favorite is proud to partner and guide them on their journey. If you are looking for a digital transformation partner or want to learn more about this custom solution, contact us here.