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Connecting the Digital Experience to the Human Experience

A Human-Centric Approach in Digital Strategy

Published on by Jason Rosenbaum, Owner/Partner

In an era where digital innovation steers the course of our professional and personal lives, at Crowd Favorite, we firmly believe that technology should not just be engineered; it should resonate, positively impacting the people it serves. Founded in 2007 by Alex King, a pioneer in the WordPress community, Crowd Favorite was born out of a vision to harmonize technical prowess with a human-centric approach. Our mission is clear: to deliver exceptional digital solutions in concert with a fulfilling human experience for our clients and their audiences.

The Philosophy of Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite was inspired by a simple yet powerful idea: the blend of elite talent with approachability, accessibility, and honesty. Just like the admired crowd favorite golfer from whom we drew our name and origin story, our agency aims to connect on a human level, treating our clients as fans who deserve more than just an end result. This philosophy is deeply embedded in our core values - Open Book, Go For It-Try Again-Move On, Leave it Better, Adapt or Die, Satisfaction Guaranteed. These principles guide our interactions, ensuring that we're not just delivering a service, but we're engaging in a meaningful, collaborative relationship with our clients that will better their lives.

Beyond Engineering:
Our Human-Centric Methodology

At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to serve. We know that how we deliver makes what we deliver even better. As an example, by separating our Project Managers and Account Managers, we ensure that our clients receive both dedicated, strategic guidance and efficient project execution. Our Account Managers don't just oversee our client’s project experiences; they delve into market research and competitive analysis, offering insights that go beyond the expected. They play the role of digital strategy partner, augmenting and enhancing your team at no additional cost, ensuring you’re up to speed on the latest and greatest digital marketing trends from not only their market sector, but also their direct competitors.

In a recent collaboration, Crowd Favorite partnered with Flock Freight, a forward-thinking company aiming to revolutionize the freight industry through sustainability and efficiency. This project was not just about leveraging cutting-edge technology for website redesign; it was about understanding and addressing the unique needs of Flock Freight's marketing team, their customer base, and the broader community they serve. By focusing on a digital strategy that went beyond the technical aspects, we were able to deliver a solution that significantly improved operational efficiencies, enhanced user engagement, and supported Flock Freight’s mission. Through this partnership, we showcased our commitment to not only meet the immediate needs of our clients but also empowering them for future success, a testament to the power of integrating human-centric digital strategies in driving business growth and innovation.


Navigating Hyper-Growth:
Flock Freight's Digital Transformation Journey

Addressing the Cold Technology Dilemma

The technology services industry often falls into the trap of an 'ivory tower' approach, leading to a disconnect between clients and service providers. At Crowd Favorite, we bridge this gap by happily taking on the role of educator and collaborator, focusing on the overall experience people will have with our solutions and the business outcomes that our clients aim to achieve from them. We understand that buying technology, something that is typically expensive and not 100% understood upon purchase, can be daunting for any CMO or VP to sign off on. We understand that most clients’ views on digital solutions are more focused on the experience for their people and their customers, rather than the technology used to provide that experience. We look at it like a lightswitch on the wall. A homeowner cares very much about the color, shape, where on the wall the switch sits, does it have a dimmer, etc. But what they don’t worry about is the technical work done in the wall behind the switch that leads down to the street and attached to the power grid etc. Their expectations are when they hit the switch on the wall, the light comes on - and our clients feel exactly the same way about digital solutions provided by agencies like Crowd Favorite. So we don’t spend a lot of time on the “wiring”, but more time on the experience they, their teams, and their customers will have with us and what they get beyond the technical deliverable when doing so. And that brings us back to the philosophy that people buy people - not things - but more on that later.

The Future of Human-Centric Digital Experiences

The landscape of digital experiences is rapidly evolving, with personalization at its core. We are just scratching the surface of what's possible. As technologies mature, they continue to offer unprecedented opportunities to tailor digital interactions in real-time, catering to the specific needs of individuals, be it end-users or marketing professionals. At Crowd Favorite, our understanding that human expectations of the digital experience are constantly being raised means we are constantly exploring these frontiers, ensuring that our clients are always ahead of the curve in providing personalized, human-centric digital solutions.

A Personal Touch in Digital Strategy

Circling back to earlier, my experience is that people buy into people, not things. The technicalities of our work, while important, are secondary to the human connections we foster. Our obsessive focus on putting people at the center of our solutions is what sets us apart. We're not just delivering a product; we're enriching the lives, personally and professionally, of those who use it and creating lasting relationships with those we work with.

The intertwining of the digital and human experiences is not just a business strategy; it's a commitment to elevating every interaction and outcome to a level that resonates on a human level. For Marketing leaders looking to get the most from their digital agencies, embracing a human-centric approach in digital strategy is not just beneficial; it's essential for true engagement and success in today's digital world.


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