Open Source

Open Source vs SaaS: Cooperation instead of Competition

Brands can have it all as you embrace DXP, by making sure your focus is on the customer. By refusing to allow yourself to be locked into a single approach, you can keep the flexibility of a small business to rapidly innovate for a customer experience that sets you apart from the competition.

Leveraging WordPress as a Framework

WordPress continues to face adoption challenges as an enterprise-grade solution due to skepticism around Open Source tools and the rapid consumer adoption of WordPress itself. Crowd Favorite leverages its expertise in bringing Open Source solutions to the enterprise by educating IT and Marketing professionals everyday that power and scalability can be achieved by using WordPress…

Replatforming Your Website With an Open Source Solution

With increasing frequency we are finding mid-market and enterprise organizations replatforming their websites, moving away from antiquated and expensive proprietary solutions and towards Open Source technology like WordPress and Drupal. While Crowd Favorite is helping to lead the charge in bringing the power, dynamism, security, scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of Open Source software to the…

A Conversation with Crowd Favorite: Open Source and the Enterprise

Insights from CEO Karim Marucchi and COO Jason Rosenbaum on how Crowd Favorite uses Open Source for the Enterprise to solve business problems as a long-term business partner for the world’s biggest brands.

Atomic Design: Optimizing Production of Open Source Digital Experience Platform Projects via Page Building

With Enterprises moving to the Open Source CMS world, Atomic Design and front-end page builders optimize the development of large-scale DXP projects.

When it was announced that the WordPress 5.0 upgrade would bring with it a new, non-elective editing framework called Gutenberg, it sparked a wave of reactions that rippled through the tech community and beyond. After all, when you’re talking about changing the structure of a content management system (CMS) that powers 30% of the web,…

We’ve released an update to the Twitter Tools plugin for WordPress. Twitter Tools works with Social to create an elegant 2-way integration between your WordPress site and Twitter. Twitter Tools archives your tweets on your own site, and gives you the option to turn them into blog posts. You can see it in action on…

We’ve released a very minor update to the Social plugin for WordPress. This update corrects the documentation about the CRON jobs actions that Social executes. Download the new version from Developers, collaborate with us on GitHub where active development takes place.