Custom Web Development

Zuki Petshop user centric design

ZUKi Petshop, a rapidly scaling eCommerce site specializing in the pet industry, partnered with Crowd Favorite to redesign their site, maximizing speed, performance, and user experience.

Victaulic: Submittal Builder

Leveraging the aspects of an eCommerce check-out system, Crowd Favorite built Victaulic a custom, scalable system for processing data submittals.

Counter Culture Coffee: Performant eCommerce Solution

Counter Culture Coffee, a national coffee roaster, engaged Crowd Favorite to optimize their eCommerce site for speed, user experience, and growth.

A high-end, specialty grocer based in Texas partnered with Crowd Favorite to deliver a robust eCommerce solution featuring a curbside program that achieved an 87% Net Promoter Score.

ColourPop Cosmetics, an up-and-coming cosmetics company with a cult-like following, engaged Crowd Favorite to scale their site in anticipation of record high Cyber Monday sales.

Victaulic: GfK Open Source Integration

Utilizing Open Source integrations Crowd Favorite added a new global inventory system for Victaulic to improve time to market and process efficiency.

Topcon Virtual Expo

Understanding the urgency, Crowd Favorite delivered a digital transformation for Topcon that created an opportunity to showcase their products, interact with potential clients, and create a new channel of lead generation independent of external expos.

Replatforming Your Website With an Open Source Solution

With increasing frequency we are finding mid-market and enterprise organizations replatforming their websites, moving away from antiquated and expensive proprietary solutions and towards Open Source technology like WordPress and Drupal. While Crowd Favorite is helping to lead the charge in bringing the power, dynamism, security, scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of Open Source software to the…

Web Development Partners Use Strong Local Setups

When searching for the right partner for a web development project, there are a multitude of strategic factors to consider to find the ideal fit for your project. Factors like compatibility, creative problem-solving, flexibility, and credibility, demonstrate how an agency can and should solve business problems and deliver ROI. Another critical consideration is having a…

Recently, I was working on a project that required me to copy a database with 3 million spam comments. The database export was 12GB and just about everything I tried failed because of the sheer size of this file. I eventually did get it to work. Here’s how: First, I tried doing things server-side using…

For a long time, WordPress advocates working at large enterprise organizations and institutions have been fighting an uphill battle to bring their beloved CMS into the fold of their companies. This battle has been fought in the face of stiff competition (like SharePoint and Luminis), misconceptions (WordPress is just a blog), and some real concerns…

Tucson’s leading power provider brought us in to improve their customer experience by completely rethinking the design and content strategy of their site and by rebuilding it in a streamlined, mobile-friendly way.

A newly formed, post-merger company, Vixxo engaged Crowd Favorite to design and develop
a site in alignment with their new brand identity that would position them to lead the market.

Recently, an interesting bug popped up, post launch, during a WordPress project. This bug caused certain styles and images (assets from here on out) to not load in Chrome and Firefox, because these browsers do not allow “mixed content” (different content coming from both secure and non-secure sources). Problems like this occur when your URL…

CAPS Research, the premier non-profit organization dedicated to supply chain management research and education, engaged Crowd Favorite to build a stronger brand identity and digital presence.