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Topcon Virtual Expo

Understanding the urgency, Crowd Favorite delivered a digital transformation for Topcon that created an opportunity to showcase their products, interact with potential clients, and create a new channel of lead generation independent of external expos.


After a marketing event crisis that cancelled an important expo, Topcon was immediately in need of a solution that would allow them to display their products, capture lead information, and reach their targeted sales goals.


Time was a limiting factor in this project, and delivering a minimum viable product (MVP) was top priority. The solution focused on two key areas:

  • Creating an environment for Topcon to capture information and connect with site visitors
  • Showcasing featured products with engaging, interactive content

Crowd Favorite developed several key functions that encouraged a personalized user experience, similar to that of attending the expo. A site chat function was added, allowing instant communication with site visitors and the Topcon sales team. Specialized product pages were created to showcase the product information, such as specification, videos, image galleries, as well as capture interest in those products. The site also included a registration page and customized forms for lead generation and marketing for future opportunities that linked directly to Salesforce.

Topcon Virtual Expo Homepage Design

Recognizing the urgency due to the uniqueness of the circumstances, the Crowd Favorite team utilized guerrilla-style project management internally and with Topcon to gather the information needed to execute the project in a condensed time frame. All the sites were built on top of WordPress, allowing us to create integrations with numerous systems and have a platform that can be built upon and repurposed over time for future events and marketing needs.

Topcon Virtual Expo Project Timeline
Topcon Virtual Expo Project Timeline

On the evening of March 9, 2020, Topcon reached out to Crowd Favorite and alerted us to the cancellation of their upcoming expo; the ‘Vision Expo East’ was meant to take place on March 26-29, 2020.

Understanding the importance of this expo for Topcon, Crowd Favorite immediately began discussing possible alternatives to mitigate the loss due to the canceled event.

In less than 24 hours, the team held a workshop, strategized, and architectured a new platform for Topcon to host their own digital expo that could be delivered in two weeks. Where Topcon could showcase their products, interact with their visitors, and facilitate lead generation.

Within 48 hours of the initial call, the solution had been determined, agreed upon, and the plan was set into motion to deliver a solution by the time of the original expo.

Topcon Virtual Expo Product Page Design


The digital expo platform generated the following audience and sales for Topcon in the two day period:


Registered Users
From 31 countries


Unique Visitors
Many attendees returning multiple times


Total Chat Sessions
Distributed over multiple agents


Estimated Opportunities
Continuing to increase as sales reps update

To say today was a success is a vast understatement. What you helped us accomplish is truly fantastic.

Ken Roberts
Sr. Manager, Global Marcom
Response to success of the digital expo

Partnering together, Topcon and Crowd Favorite were able to turn an unexpected loss into an opportunity; the responsiveness of the Crowd Favorite team, contributed to the positive results for Topcon.

The solution by Crowd Favorite was successful and the entire project, from ideation, design, and testing to final approval and deployment, was completed in 14 business days. The success of this project mitigated losses from a cancelled event and generated excitement for supplementing future events with a custom digital experience owned and controlled by Topcon.

Crowd Favorite and Topcon are continuing their partnership to advance the digital transformation and user experience for Topcon and their clients. To learn more about digital transformation, crisis mitigation or how Crowd Favorite can help your brand, contact us here.