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Emmys Goes Virtual with Video Submission Platform

Developing a custom web application to allow non-technical users to submit acceptance videos with ease for The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) needed a secure and virtual way to collect celebrity nominee video submissions to ensure their annual Emmy Awards show could air regardless of social distancing restrictions.


NATAS worried that their annual in-person Emmy Awards show might become virtual at the last minute due to increasing COVID restrictions. They planned their live and in-person show while developing a solution to allow nominees to submit acceptance speeches in advance without compromising the integrity, secrecy, and security of the awards process.


Partnering with the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Crowd Favorite developed a custom Laravel app built on Amazon Web Service (AWS) that integrated seamlessly with their existing cloud-based collaboration platform. The solution was created with the future in mind and met immediate requirements while building a robust, end-to-end video submission platform.

Emmy Awards Video Submission Screenshots


Hosting a nationally televised event is a daunting task that requires the coordination of constantly moving parts. Throwing in a last-minute requirement to switch to a virtual event should local, state, or national governments implement new pandemic guidelines makes for an incredibly complex and stressful situation. For the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, though, the plan was straightforward.

They sought a platform that would allow 125 nominees to submit acceptance speeches in advance, automatically moving to their cloud-based video editing collaboration platform. With only a three-week timeline, Crowd Favorite built a custom Laravel application allowing nominees to submit acceptance speeches. Video submissions are automatically moved into internal video processing systems and then renamed following a strict convention.

We went from being seen as a solid WordPress agency to an agency that could handle complex, enterprise level applications and integrations for this long-time client. This video submission project not only strengthened our partnership but has led to more innovative and exciting opportunities!

- Dionne Mateos, Project Manager

The result is a backup system that would allow the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to switch, at the 11th hour, from an in-person show to a live broadcast virtual awards ceremony. This system still allows the Emmy Awards recipients to be revealed for the first time, live, on television without compromising the integrity and secrecy around award winners before the award show.

The first interaction for the video submission system was designed to meet the immediate requirements to minimize the risks of a virtual event. However, Crowd Favorite architected a solution that will continue to meet the long-term needs for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences trusted Crowd Favorite to deliver a secure, reliable, and scalable solution for their upcoming awards show. If you are looking for a digital partner, contact us here.