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Navigating the Digital Soup: Campbell’s Swift Success with Interactive Fun

Partnering with Crowd Favorite, Campbell's Soup Company introduced an engaging marketing site featuring 'Finn & Friends' games, achieving a launch that reduced costs by 81% and decreased workflow by 33%.

Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company, a distinguished member of the Fortune 500, has consistently been at the forefront of quality and innovation within the food industry. The company aimed to venture beyond the pantry and capture the imaginations of its youngest consumers by creating seven interactive and engaging children's games featuring 'Finn & Friends' from its beloved Goldfish Crackers brand. Crowd Favorite helped breathe life into the characters by crafting a digital playground that not only entertains but educates. This adventure was brought to life on a customized WordPress platform meticulously designed to be a beacon of safety and creativity in the online world.

The launch of this new website was not merely about unveiling a series of games; it was a bold statement of Campbell Soup Company's commitment to digital excellence. Crowd Favorite was able to seamlessly blend engaging content with ironclad security measures, allowing the company to set a new standard for youth-centric digital experiences.

Key Results:

  • 33% Reduction in Workflow Complexity: Simplified content updates, enhancing workflow efficiency
  • 81% Savings on Website Launch Costs: Optimized budget allocation and created substantial cost reduction using WordPress
  • 2 Days Saved in Security Screening: Streamlined the internal security process, improving the security posture and saving valuable time
  • 7 Interactive Children's Games: Developed engaging and educational digital experiences for young users

Quicker Launch, Lower Costs, More Fun

With a mindset for building Digital Ecosystems, Crowd Favorite believes every project’s deliverables should be scalable, reusable, and sustainable. Campbell Soup Company engaged Crowd Favorite to build a new, custom-themed website to launch at the same time as a marketing campaign centered around games for kids. Our solution was to create a website framework that could be used for the marketing campaign, as well as the many future campaigns scheduled for the year. This created a customized framework that could be scaled to use for additional brands and any other future marketing campaigns.

Once built, Campbell Soup Company's marketing team to expand the Finn & Friends game universe with new characters, called the “Epic Crunch Heroes,” on their own, unique, website with the confidence that their internal information technology team’s strict standards would be met.

The leadership team at Campbell Soup Company builds on their rich tradition, by focusing on making food that people enjoy and trust. This trust must be delivered through every aspect of the company, including its website. We were proud to partner with Campbell Soup Company and deliver a website with 81% cost savings and a 33% decrease in workflow for the marketing team.

Adult and Child Playing Game on Mobile Phone

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