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User-Centric Design for ZUKi Petshop

ZUKi Petshop, a rapidly scaling eCommerce site specializing in the pet industry, partnered with Crowd Favorite to redesign their site, maximizing speed, performance, and user experience.


In a collaborative approach, Crowd Favorite guided ZUKi Petshop, an existing Bold Commerce, to a custom eCommerce solution.


ZUKI Petshop had a deep understanding for their business and market segment, but was looking to partner with an expert to redesign their eCommerce site to improve User Experience (UX) and accessibility. Through a partnership with Bold Commerce, Crowd Favorite was brought in to help ZUKi Petshop achieve this goal.


Crowd Favorite began the design consulting by conducting a site structure assessment. This allowed the team to understand which elements were low performance and needed to be updated as part of the transition to the customer eCommerce plugin.

Crowd Favorite’s design team delivered a unified, user- centric design. The new design incorporated the goals and objectives for the new eCommerce platform focusing on a seamless user experience.

ZUKi Pets Online Shopping User Experience


Crowd Favorite delivered a fresh design focused on improving client experience and conversions through improved user flows, increased visible calls to actions, and more personalized product recommendations. Improved main navigation, product organization, and adding prominent customer reviews added to social proof, customer trust, and ease of using the site. A standard unified checkout was added with a focus on speed and mobile compatibility.

ZUKi Pets User Experience - Product Information
ZUKi Pets User Experience - Product Filters

ZUKi Pets Mobile User Experience

Focusing on the business goals set forth by the ZUKi Petshop team, Crowd Favorite was able to deliver improvements to the design, accessibility, and user experience for the existing product library as well as the future growth expected in the next two years.

The visual design elements implemented by Crowd Favorite are broken down into its smallest parts, which have been standardized and built back up into increasingly larger, reusable objects. This component-based design approach ensures reusability of design objects in the future.

ZUKi Petshop’s new site design that can easily accommodate an anticipated addition of 233% more product offerings and a forecasted doubling of users.

Crowd Favorite, ZUKi Petshop, and Bold Commerce are continuing their partnership to advance the digital transformation and user experience for ZUKi Petshop and their clients. To learn more about UX|UI audits, digital transformation, or how Crowd Favorite can help your brand, contact us here.