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Frequently Asked Questions

Progressive Profiling is a WordPress plugin that enables administrators to gradually capture form entries from site visitors over time.

The plugin works by collecting information in a progressive way, as opposed to presenting a form with too many fields which the user will be less likely to fill in and submit. This means that on each page load only a subset of the available form fields will be presented to the user, which is then tracked across multiple sessions in order to aggregate the captured data under the same lead. 

Progressive Profiling also has extensive customization capabilities allowing administrators to build bespoke user personas that fit their desired analytics indices.

User Manual

Progressive Profiling User Manual is a comprehensive guide including: Installation, Requirements, Settings, and Developer Notes.

Gather more about site visitors with each visit to your site, while creating a more personalized experience for them.

Premium Product Support

For Premium Product Support, please visit your account dashboard.

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