Admin Column View for WordPress

Posted 7 years ago by Steve Mathias

Sometimes there are little things that nag at you. The way pages and other hierarchical custom post types (CPTs) are presented in the WordPress admin was one of those things for me. I'm a big fan of the column view in the OS X Finder, and I thought that a similar UX would work well to navigate pages/hierarchical CPTs in the WordPress admin – especially for websites that use WordPress as CMS with numerous pages/hierarchical CPTs.

The Admin Column View plugin for WordPress is our implementation of this idea, and we think it works nicely. Here's a quick overview video.


  • Navigate your pages/hierarchical custom post types quickly and efficiently
  • Drag-and-drop to set the menu order of your pages/hierarchical CPTs
  • Use the New Page/CPT link at each level to create a page/CPT with the parent already populated

Download the Admin Column View plugin from

Developers, if you'd like to contribute to this plugin, please do so on GitHub.

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