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Bureau of Digital Feature: Meet Karim Marucchi, CEO

Karim Marucchi, CEO, joins Carl Smith from the Bureau of Digital.

Video  Overview:
In this video series, Carl Smith of the Bureau of Digital chats with Crowd Favorite CEO, Karim Marucchi. As a long time member of the Bureau, Karim shares his history with the group, his legacy with WordPress, and how Crowd Favorite is looking to the future of digital transformation for the Enterprise.

I believe there’s an opportunity for us to say what’s next for Open Source in the enterprise and show how we bring the best of Open Source and the best of SaaS together, so they’re not competing anymore - they’re working together.
– Karim Marucchi

Video Feature

Inside the Bureau: Meet the Members that Make it Happen, Karim Marucchi was originally featured on the Bureau of Digital.

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