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Website Accessibility: A Top Priority for Ivy League Business School

Extensive testing and research provided the groundwork to creating a fully inclusive web experience for every visitor, that went beyond the traditional website accessibility standards.

An Ivy League Business School approached Crowd Favorite with a concern about their website accessibility. While their online web presence was technically compliant they wanted to exceed the minimum standards and ensure an inclusive web experience for every visitor.


Always looking to be at the forefront of technological advancements and solutions, an Ivy League Business School knew its web presence complied with most website accessibility standards. However, they believed it could be technically compliant with the standards and still not be truly accessible. Furthermore, they needed a solution to ensure each new instance of their online learning modules would be automatically compliant with accessibility standards.


Through an engagement with Crowd Favorite, this Ivy League Business School discovered that their automated testing failed to catch 53 compliance issues. Crowd Favorite developed a remediation plan, implemented fixed, reaffirmed compliance practices, and developed a vetted process ensuring an inclusive web presence.

Smiling women with glasses and headphones showcasing website accessibility on this website.


For new feature development and validation of the existing websites, Crowd Favorite utilizes a tried and proven approach to testing, reporting, and remediation. The process begins with automated WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) testing using multiple systems to test the site. The automated software test catches the overall volume of issues; however, it only identifies approximately 30% of issue types.

Through manual WCAG Testing, Crowd Favorite identifies systemic errors on all templates and unique pages. In addition to manual code testing, Crowd Favorite uses color contrast analyzers, code inspections tools, and MSAA (Microsoft Active Accessibility) Inspector, which exposes the communication between the application and the Accessibility API layer, and translates information to the screen readers.

Crowd Favorite's final testing navigates through core use-cases and templates designed specifically for persons with disabilities. Through Assistive Technology Testing, Crowd Favorite ensures the website is technically compliant and, more importantly, inclusive to all people.

Finally, Crowd Favorite assigned severity levels (critical, serious, moderate, minor, and best practices) to all the issues, complete with a priority list for implementing fixes. After reviewing the priorities and receiving signoff from the school, Crowd Favorite got to work! The resulting website is more than "legally compliant." This Ivy League Business School has a web experience that is truly inclusive to all persons.

This Ivy League Business School is committed to providing a website that is inclusive to all persons, as well as legally meeting the website accessibility standards. Crowd Favorite is proud to partner and guide them on their journey. If you are looking for a website accessibility partner or more information about website accessibility, contact us here.