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Counter Culture Coffee: Performant eCommerce Solution

Counter Culture Coffee, a national coffee roaster, engaged Crowd Favorite to optimize their eCommerce site for speed, user experience, and growth.

Counter Culture Coffee, a national coffee roaster, engaged Crowd Favorite to optimize their eCommerce site for speed, user experience, and growth.


Counter Culture Coffee needed an updated website that could scale to meet increased direct to consumer demands without downtime and service interruptions, while simultaneously maintaining wholesale capabilities.

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Crowd Favorite examined all potential avenues for assisting Counter Culture Coffee with site scalability and performance issues. Starting with a thorough discovery, we customized a solution to create a stable, scalable, and user-friendly site- for both the Counter Culture Coffee team and their customers.


Counter Culture Coffee increased website traffic by 76%, while maintaining optimal page speed and experience- allowing for growth of sales with both wholesale and new DTC customers. Even with traffic surges they experienced no down time or lagging and were able to deliver quality user experience, and a speedy checkout to their new and returning customers.

Sales increase


Increase in Website Traffic

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Increase in Expected Retail Revenue

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3 seconds

Average Page Load Time - down 31%

Due to a global shift in consumer spending (i.e. pandemic), Counter Culture Coffee saw a 76% increase in website traffic. Because of the optimization and performance enhancement Crowd Favorite did, the website was able to handle the increased traffic while maintaining page load times (down 31%, to around 3 seconds) and Apdex scores averaging .92 and higher.

Additionally, the team at Counter Culture Coffee were able to process their WooCommerce orders more quickly because of database optimization that reduced the query time a staggering 98.93%. Counter Culture Coffee’s team was better able to meet their customer’s needs and focus on their goal of creating more convenient avenues to reach new audiences.

Optimized, Performant Site for Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee was looking for a solution to eCommerce site that was not performing well: site crashes, lost orders, and pages taking forever to load. The site was a product of an outdated build that over time had several features added without optimizing performance. As a result, processes took a long time, leading to slow queries, server timeouts, and bad data, creating poor experience for coffee shop owners and wholesale buyers on the site.

Through a combination of database improvements, reworking integrations with other systems, revamping plugins, and refactoring code Crowd Favorite improved usability, reduced load times, and decreased server demands. As a result, Counter Culture Coffee was able to seamlessly handle a significant increase in direct-to-consumer demand without any scalability, performance, or reliability issues.

Counter Culture Coffee is a fantastic example of a partner that is forward thinking in their digital strategy. Working together, we were able to create solutions that allowed for growth, and still have the flexibility to adapt to the changing world around us.

Karim Marucchi
CEO, Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite’s ability to customize the right eCommerce solution to handle exponential website traffic allowed Counter Culture Coffee to expand their sales to DTC, increase website traffic, without experiencing any down time or issues with their site.

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