Choosing an eCommerce Solution

Posted 1 month ago by Adam Buckeridge, Director of Client Experience

With so many options, businesses are bound to be overwhelmed and make mistakes when choosing an eCommerce solution. It is easy to jump to a quick solution, but without the proper evaluation of your business goals and needs when it comes to eCommerce, that quick solution could lead to unnecessary waste of resources.

Like buying a sofa, there is no one size that fits all, and the right solution for you should really be based on what features your business needs, along with where in the eCommerce journey you and your business are in.

Remember your first apartment? Our first apartment was furnished with a combination of hand-me-downs from our family and shopping at IKEA. We had a limited budget and were trying to save every cent. We were willing to put in the extra work and hassle to build it ourselves, so that we could have a place that looked like our own. Looking back, the most important thing at the time was how the item looked, rather than how it was built and how long it would last. Three house moves and three countries later, we have learned what does and does not work. At a certain point we realized that it was worth stopping to think about the functionality of the item, instead of simply the look of it. We started to buy furniture that would last longer, that will hold more weight without warping or invest in a hand crafted, bespoke item that will last for life and fit perfectly in the space.

Common eCommerce Mistakes

With so many eCommerce options, businesses are bound to be overwhelmed and make mistakes in choosing the best option. Common mistakes include

  • Price-only based decision
  • Overly robust solution
  • Not determining eCommerce goals

Companies that selected a solution based on price are often misled. The price may not be set, may not include the features needed, or could lock you into a closed solution that doesn’t integrate with your other digital solutions. While budget should be a factor in the eCommerce decision, it should not be the leading factor in selecting your solution.

Selecting the solution with every bell and whistle available may seem like the best most comprehensive solution, but there is a reason we suggest beginning with an assessment of your business and eCommerce goals. Excessive plugins and features can weigh the website down and create more hassle for your team to use. We suggest implementing a solution that meets your eCommerce needs, that can be utilized by your team and that allows expansion and growth. A good systems architect can build solutions and integrate your current digital profile without the bloat of the large eCommerce platform solutions.

Without clear goals for your eCommerce solution, it is easy to get persuaded by every new solution available. It is critical that you understand your business goals, the needs your business has to the eCommerce solution and a clear understanding of how your customers and team will utilize the platform. Without that understanding, companies can end up selecting a novice agency who are a jack of all trades but a master of none; solutions that are overrun with plugins and performance issues, or worse, choosing a platform based on the salesperson promises, to later find out that the solution cannot handle basic tasks such as handling more than one credit card for wholesale customers.

What are the key eCommerce features your business needs?

While it is common practice, it is premature to offer a solution or platform before understanding the core needs of your business. We have all seen firms and consultants come in and quickly push or recommend a particular solution or technology before getting a thorough understanding of what your company does, where it is going, and where it could get to. Before deciding on the tool that is needed, a business should have a clear understanding of their business goals, the needs that are driving this decision, their customers and budget. This information provides a better understanding of the journey that the company is on and what is important to them. This information allows you to select the right solution, as the needs and goals are clearly defined, allowing an agency or partner to help architect the right solution based directly on the outlined goals.

Here at Crowd Favorite, we noticed a similar pattern, and perceived priorities with small firms who are starting out in ecommerce. This is their first or second time that they are looking into this, they may not know what is important to them at this point in time, and they are making decisions based on alluring sales and marketing pages for solutions that are designed to convert and convince you that their solution is the only one to consider. It can be difficult to make the right move into ecommerce, when the investment is not proven, and you are still figuring out what is important and what can be dealt with later when business takes off. Firms tend to be focused on the look and the fact that they can now sell online. Commissions, features, edge cases, workflows etc tend to take a back seat at the beginning and then that is when firms start to run into problems.

Endless eCommerce Options

There are many options for eCommerce, and that number continues to grow. It can be overwhelming to know what decision would be best for your business. Remembering to start with your eCommerce goals can keep you on the right track for your digital transformation. A trusted partner with experience in many digital platforms can be your guide in determining the right path for your business.

If there is one thing that we recommend you do to solve this problem, it is starting off with an experienced architect and a well thought out digital strategy. An architect with experience will ensure that the proposed solution is stable, well engineered and follows best practices. They will bring their experience to the table, point out important decisions and what the knock on effects of those will be.

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Choosing an eCommerce Solution

The good news with choosing an ecommerce platform is that here at Crowd Favorite you can have access to the experts who live and breath this. We can work with you and your team to confirm the business requirements, along with recommend the technical requirements. The end result should be a well thought out plan that covers your overall business requirements, measurable goals, along with a plan of action to implement this.

You can always take your plans to another agency or have an internal developer build them, but starting out correctly with the right plan will save you time and resources as your business grows. It greatly reduces the risk of throwing out your site or having a costly migration to a new platform. To learn more about eCommerce solutions or Digital Transformation, contact us.