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Custom eCommerce Curbside Solution

A high-end, specialty grocer based in Texas partnered with Crowd Favorite to deliver a robust eCommerce solution featuring a curbside program that achieved an 87% Net Promoter Score.

A high-end, specialty grocer based in Texas partnered with Crowd Favorite to deliver a robust eCommerce curbside solution.


As an industry leader, this top Grocer was looking to increase their customer’s options for experiencing their products and services by adding online shopping and curbside pickup options. Additionally, the solution needed to scale with their growth and be flexible to their unique service offerings and store locations.

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Working within their current digital platform, Crowd Favorite succeeded in integrating a sophisticated sales system that could be scaled and customized to all retail locations. The solution was also tailored to function with the top priority around Customer Experience, allowing the Grocer to quickly adapt to the needs of their customers.

87% Net Promoter Score


Curbside program for Grocer achieves Net Promoter Score double the national average!

Optimizing both customer experience and the client's ability to manage the site were foundational goals to customizing the eCommerce platform that would prioritize curbside capabilities and catering programs. With that in mind, Crowd Favorite delivered a seamless buying experience for the customer on the front-end, while providing an intuitive, robust, and customized backend for the client to manage every aspect of the experience.

Working together, Crowd Favorite and this premier Grocer were able to create a customized eCommerce platform that could scale to all locations, be stable during holidays and high traffic days, and still provide the personalization and care their clients came to expect from this brand. Receiving a world class NPS score of 87% was confirmation that the digital transformation was beneficial for the clients as well as the brand.

Sales increase

Digital Strategy


UX & UI Design

Add to cart

Web Development


Systems Integration

Closed sales

Digital Support Services

Performance Optimization

Technical Support

* According to the Satmetrix NICE 2018 average NPS by industry report, Grocery & Supermarkets average an Net Promoter Score (NPS) score of 40. An NPS score over 70 is considered to be exceptional and typically indicates loyal and enthusiastic customers that are more likely to generate new leads and revenue from customer referrals.

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Related Industry Statistics

  • Curbside sales jumped 208% in April.
  • U.S. eCommerce has doubled in the last 4 months.
  • Online grocery sales are predicted to make up 25% of the total grocery retail sales by 2025.

They were looking for a custom solution- that would grow with their brand and they needed a team that would put their clients needs first. The Crowd Favorite team was able to deliver on both fronts.

Karim Marucchi
CEO, Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite’s ability to provide a custom eCommerce curbside solution by integrating a sales system that provided scaling and customization, led to a robust eCommerce site that received praise from the Grocer's clients and an 87% NPS score!

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