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delivereads-homeDave Pell has a eye for picking great content. Delivereads is a web application/service that allows him to pick content on the web and send it directly to the Kindles of his subscribers.

Easy Article Import

When Dave finds an article that’s a good candidate for Delivereads, he simply clicks a bookmarklet to add it to the system (along with his excellent notes and commentary). Delivereads then pulls in the content and cleans it up so that what the readers receive is the streamlined article text.

Creating a Delivery

delivereads-admin-articlesOnce Dave has enough articles, he can select from them to create a delivery. Once the articles are selected, they can be ordered via simple drag and drop.

When the content is ready, it is collated and formatted to work well on a Kindle. There are several preview and test run features that allow Dave to be confident that everything will look just right when it lands on everyone’s Kindles.

Large Volume Email

Sending lots and lots of email (without running afoul of SPAM filters) isn’t supposed to be easy, but the good folks at SendGrid are changing that. We make a few simple API calls and they do the heavy lifting for us.

Built on Oxygen

Our Oxygen framework provides a base of rich web application best practices so we are able to focus on creating the features and functionality that are unique to that application. Besides saving time and money, it also provides a base platform that reduces bugs and testing time.

Ask us how Oxygen can make your web application a success.

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