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Digital Business

Looking for a trusted partner to roadmap and create a digital ecosystem in a stair step approach, rather than a disruptive rebuild, for your digital marketing, and web applications?

The Evolution of Your Digital Roadmap

At Crowd Favorite, we firmly believe in the power of an Open Source framework to build robust and flexible solutions. As your business evolves, so can your digital ecosystem. Whether you are looking for a complex CMS/DXP or a custom application, our services meet you where you are today, and scale as you need them. Emerging technologies, MVP’s, and marketing test balloons can be easily explored with these approaches. With large SaaS applications and marketing platforms, you either have a giant application that you have to adapt your team to, or are left beholden to a set product roadmap.

  • Digital Strategy & Online Application Ideation
  • Digital Roadmapping for Open Source & Mixed Systems
  • Strategic Workflow & UX Design
  • Online Application Development & Custom API’s
  • Digital Support Services
  • Application Support & New Feature Development
  • Dedicated Maintenance & Emergency Response

Looking for a Digital Partner?

Our Digital Business Ecosystem stands out as an innovative solution for businesses looking to fully leverage their digital potential in today's ever-evolving technological landscape.

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Digital Insights

Streamline Your Marketing Editorial Workflow

Successful strategies for streamlining your marketing editorial workflow to lower your overall level of effort and boost efficiency

A Digital Strategy That Grows With You

In this digital era, businesses have to rely on multiple applications and platforms to run their operations effectively. However, managing these systems often leads to inefficiencies and integration challenges. Our Digital Business Ecosystem solution addresses these challenges by providing a unified platform that seamlessly integrates all your digital tools and resources, eliminating silos and promoting cross-functional collaboration. Whether it's your CRM, marketing automation tool, content management system, or eCommerce platform, our Digital Business Ecosystem solution ensures that all your systems talk to each other, creating a single source of truth.

Additionally, our Digital Business Ecosystem is built on Open Source technologies, which is a key differentiator and an enabler for customization and scalability. Unlike proprietary software, Open Source offers greater flexibility and adaptability, allowing us to create a system that evolves with your business. We've also ensured that our solution is API-centric, enabling easy integration with other software and third-party applications.

The beauty of our strategy is that it grows with you. As your business evolves, so can your digital ecosystem. New functionalities can be easily added when you use Open Source as a hub. You're not bound by the limitations of an off-the-shelf product but have a solution that's truly adaptable and resilient to the rapidly changing digital landscape.


Not Just a Digital Solution

Our Digital Business Ecosystem solution is a comprehensive strategy to digitize your entire operation, putting you at the forefront of digital innovation. With our solution, your business is equipped to take on the challenges of the modern digital era and come out on top. We're here to ensure your digital transformation journey is seamless, effective, and forward-thinking.

Looking for a Digital Partner?

Our team helps bring established and scaling brands to digital optimization through our renowned digital strategy, development, and digital support services. If you’d like help with getting started or need an experienced digital partner, let's talk about your digital transformation.

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