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Digital Strategies for Healthcare Companies

The healthcare industry is among the many industries to embrace digital transformation in a big way: adopting everything from online patient portals to telemedicine visits. When it comes to the competition, healthcare companies must use radically different strategies to succeed. Here are some winning digital strategies for healthcare.

Digital Strategies for Healthcare Companies

Key Takeaways

Optimal User Experience is Key

The goal should be helping users find what they need quickly and easily. The best design gives visitors what they came for while eliminating any friction that forces them to stay on the site for longer than they’d like.

Provide Personalization

Delivering a personalized experience can put people at ease and help them fulfill their needs. That’s especially helpful if many of your visitors are uncomfortable with complex online tasks. The human element needs to be at the center of the digital experience especially for healthcare companies.

Data Collection & Protection

Healthcare businesses have to pay special attention to another issue – privacy. When patients are sharing sensitive data, you have to walk a tightrope between personalizing the content and ensuring confidentiality so patients can trust that you’re protecting their privacy. Be clear about what you collect and how your website handles privacy.

Keep It Simple

Forms are a fact of life with medical practices, so make it easy to fill them out by automating as much as possible. Information that is already on file can easily be provided with your current structure using Open Source plug-ins. Solutions like Progressive Profiling allow save the information provided by users and only request unknown information. This saves the user time on the site without having to complete redundant information.

By emphasizing simplicity, functionality, and personalization, Healthcare Companies can best serve their patients and find success in a challenging market.
– Jason Rosenbaum

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