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Code Refactoring

Restructuring existing code to improve website functionality and enhance future visitor engagement, without affecting the current user experience.

Every project incurs some level of technical debt over time, but that doesn’t mean you need to scrap your code and start over. Your project can be renewed simply by taking the time to refactor the codebase. You wouldn’t demolish your house and build a new one just because it’s showing some age, would you? Unless there were some serious structural deficiencies, most sane people wouldn’t. That’d be a high cost and very unnecessary venture. Instead you’d apply a fresh coat of paint, remodel a room, or perhaps replace the roof. All of these things can renew your house at a fraction of the cost.


With website, new services are often added, one on top of the other, to accommodate for rapid growth. This will eventually leads to performance problems – maybe your site is taking too long to load, or it is running too slowly. When services, features and functionality are added without taking the time to properly see how each impacts the other, negative impacts occur. As time goes by, the absence of refactoring will land your website in significant audit territory.

Where We Excel at Restructuring
Existing Computer Code

Because your Crowd Favorite team is fully immersed in all aspects of your website and its performance, we’re cognizant of its unique components, know what changes have been made, and have a better jumping-off point to know where and how to refactor certain elements. Just like with a house, Crowd Favorite utilizes code refactoring to renew your codebase and make it like new. As your site evolves and the code ages, we review and find ways to optimize and mitigate technical debt accumulation. When it’s time to make a large change, it will come at a much lower cost because we maintained the level of technical debt rather than allowing it to spiral out of control.

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Our Unique Approach
to Code Refactoring

As code evolves, rather than simply look at the small scope of what’s being changed, Crowd Favorite steps back and accounts for the big picture. You may not need certain aspects of functionality, or to rewrite existing code to make it optimized and more efficient. We instead work to eliminate the legacy technical debt that has accumulated over time and is no longer necessary, tweaking existing code and adding or removing pieces to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Crowd Favorite first performs a small-scale analysis, taking inventory of API calls and services to find specific areas where incremental improvements can be made. That can mean tweaking the API so that it requires fewer resources, revising a template so it takes less time to load, or rewriting a query so it doesn’t take as long to run. In the cases where a total refactor is necessary, we will prioritize and perform the refactors over time to omit the inconvenience of a complete overhaul.

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